My toddler has been bitten twice in the past couple of weeks so hard that it left a bruise for days. I worried that she would be “that kid,” and now the poor thing is coming home with teeth marks on her arms and a note that she was provided “comfort and a cold pack.” What’s the expectation for your kid when it comes to stuff like that? How many more times does she get bitten (for no apparent reason, according to the daycare’s documentation) before you ask the other kid to be removed?

I’ve been promoted to a full-time management position at work. This was the end of my second week. A lot of the stuff I was doing as a grad assistant has come with me: social media, web maintenance and updates, some editing. But I’m also the main person in the charge of the entire department’s budget and it’s kind of scary. All those numbers and faculty salaries.¬†And then seeing what I get paid to manage their money. It’s slightly depressing.

I like my boss, the guy who told me to apply for the position. He’s gruff and sarcastic but incredibly smart and, deep down, he does have a good heart. I don’t think he wants people to know it. When I was reconciling last month’s budget with the dean’s office yesterday, I noticed two line items for a total of $10k. Because we are operating under budget and are coming up to the end of the fiscal year, he gave that money back to the university so that other departments could still take care of the things they actually need covered but just don’t have the money for.

In other news, I feel kind of lonely at the moment. My one family member with a kid moved back to Indianapolis recently and sometimes I feel like I’m forever destined to walk in the door at home, start cleaning up after everyone, going to sleep, and starting it all over again.

Most days I’m leaving for work after dropping off the kindergartener at 8:15 and don’t get home until 6:15 or 6:30 in the evening. The kids’ dad quit his job as soon as I was offered this one and hasn’t done anything to look for another. It scares me. He said he needs “time off” and wants to “get back in shape” before trying to find any sort of personal training gigs. I think we all know that doesn’t happen overnight. I can’t bring it up without an argument. He snaps at me. My salary alone isn’t enough. I also found out he financed the rings he got for our last anniversary. I don’t know what I expected. I don’t know anything about jewelry so I have no idea what it cost. But I don’t want stuff we can’t afford when we pretty exclusively argue about money and have for a decade and a half.