Pre-Traffic Tension Headaches

I just found out that we got the last spot at the toddler’s learning center for big kids’ summer camp. This means the kindergartener will get to take tons of field trips, go swimming, work on her Spanish, and make new friends. Plus, it’s way more affordable than a lot of other options we’ve come across.

The only disappointment I have is that it isn’t closer to our house or at least accessible by train. Their other location — where Bea attended preschool across the street from our old apartment — has an opening for Ellie once she turns two, but they only do summer camp on the northwest side. Yesterday, amid all the construction traffic, it took me almost 30 minutes to drive the two miles to pick up the toddler. A bridge teardown isn’t expected to be done until December of *2016* and the water main repairs a block from us are going to take at least until the end of summer.

All those main streets are down to one lane and congestion is REALLY bad. Drivers are taking residential streets and alleys at high speeds, and it’s really hard walking Bea to or from school because everyone is trying to so hard to not let ANYONE GET IN FRONT OF THEM that they aren’t paying attention to pedestrians, even in crosswalks with school crossing guards.

I can feel the muscles in my neck and shoulders start to tense up before I even start the car. If there’s one thing I miss about Indianapolis (besides the people, of course), it’s the ample parking and ease of traveling by car (which is about the only way you CAN get anywhere). In Chicago, the train is practically the only way I want to commute since the bus is going to be stuck in the same junk my car would be.

I do hope Bea enjoys herself and relaxes, though. She is nervous about going to this location (she’ll be there for spring break) because her first two experiences were negative. I’m glad to learn that she’ll be busy with lots of activities and that it’s in our price range. Many parents in her school’s Facebook group are sharing where their kids are going, including a group that comes to her school, and hoping that classmates will be there as well. When I look this stuff up, it’s in the hundreds of dollars per week, for just a few hours a day. The kids are in elementary school longer than this place provides.