Social Mediator

Today we sent the kindergartner to school, despite the fact that she had a temperature of 99 degrees. No one can afford to take off any more time from work as both children have been sick with some virus, bacteria, cold, flu, or stomach bug so frequently in the past two months. She also expressed that missing her field trip today would be nothing short of devastating. Although I don’t think what she has is contagious, but a mild infection brought on by sinus problems, she is under the weather and I feel pretty guilty about letting her go. I can’t just call and check on her or stop in and see how she’s doing. There was one small method of contact I’d been hoping for, but I was let down.

The parents of the kindergarten classrooms share a private Facebook page and there’s an unwritten rule that if you chaperoned an event, volunteered at a class party, or otherwise helped with an event, you will post photos for the 99% of parents who were unable to go. As has been the case every frigging time, the parent posting photos displayed her own child and that kid’s friends in a dozen different shots. I couldn’t even locate the top of my kid’s head.

This is, of course, an extremely petty thing to get upset about. The kid will be home in three hours and I will know if she is feeling sickly or well. If she is really unwell, someone will call. But at the events I have been able to attend, I take and subsequently post photos of every child I can locate. I try to do group shots, and ensure that each kid present is displayed. At their holiday party, I even added directly to the post that I tried my best to get a photo of each classmate. This was, perhaps, more a nudge to other parent volunteers that they consider doing the same thing.

I’m irritated with myself for being irritated by this tiny slight. But I also can’t help thinking how doing something like this, while a courtesy to others, should include as much detail¬†as possible. The kids have had a lot of events in the past few months and every time someone shares images, I am guaranteed not to see my¬†daughter anywhere. I don’t want to look at eight photos of your kid’s face. That’s what your Facebook page is for. If you’re going to post images of the children on a field trip, at least do as many parents as you can a favor and try to get their kids in the shot.

The fact that I have taken the time out of my day to type this makes me even more angry.