Social Experiment

Oh, hello. I’ve been busy doing nothing in any way, shape, or form related to the eight years I spent studying writing. Other than applying, interviewing, and being rejected for jobs that are somehow related to writing, college, universities, or teaching in the past seven months or so. 

A couple of weeks ago I performed a little experiment. I came across a position at a very well-known company based here in Indy for which my husband, Charlie, and I, on paper, appeared to be qualified. Keep in mind that I had a stellar phone interview with this company for a different position back in October. I haven’t heard back about that, despite three different attempts to contact them. 

I applied us both for the latest position. I did both of our resumes. I did the research on the company necessary for a phone interview. Charlie has already had a phone interview for this job and was just asked to come in for one on site today. He’ll be going in next week. I haven’t received so much as an email. This position is not something either of us would really love to do, but it’s a company everyone wants to work for. My gut tells me they’re going to offer him something. Which would be great. For him. For us. Right?

I did leave the coffee shop for a different job. It’s still retail and it’s not great pay, but the people are better and the owners are kind. I don’t know how long I’ll be there. Will I have to change hours in order to be home with the kids? I’m currently almost full time but with no benefits. I’m working from the early afternoon until close five days per week.

We all know daycare is ridiculously expensive, especially for babies. So will I have to quit? I don’t fault any mom (or dad) who wants to stay home with her (or his) kids. But I just don’t think I can do it much longer before going completely bonkers. Bea needs to be with other kids. I need to do something besides cart these children to various activities that will keep them entertained. 

And don’t tell me to “just freelance.” I really don’t have the energy or time.