Oh. My. God.

Bea in Her CribI don’t know whether to get rid of this blog altogether, or force myself to update it as I do Facebook. It’s pathetic, really, to have turned over to the darkside like that. But it’s so much easier and simpler to say how I’m feeling when I can be limited to just a few characters like that. Let’s not pretend you haven’t skimmed through some of my posts, wondering how the hell I could spend so much time talking about a dog or a coffeeshop or a college course.

Speaking of which, classes begin Wednesday. I just looked up where my classes were last night, haven’t gotten any textbooks, and discovered twelve of the people in my online course are already completing assignments. What the hell? I used to be so organized.

The child has sucked any and all interest out of me — as if there was any to begin with. I’m tired, stressed out, and worried about money. But every time I look at her face, everything else just sort of fades in the background. It’s sort of like being in love with someone for the first time. That pure, unadulterated infatuation that you have when you’ve just begun dating someone you can’t keep your hands off of. Only this time it’s a completely innocent infatuation. Every little sound she makes and look on her face seems a little different; every day she seems to learn to do something new.

In a couple of weeks we’re hosting a get-together/cookout for my family. I’m hoping everyone can pass around the baby and we’ll be done with it until Thanksgiving or Christmas.Hopefully I won’t be one of those new moms that freaks out over other people touching her kid. Thus far I’ve done pretty well, but we’ve only had over a few people at a time. This will be somewhere between 7 to 15 people at the most, and I can barely figure out how I’m going to clean the house and get the shopping done prior to that, let alone dealing with trying to entertain people and figure out who’s got hold of her now.

I mean, really, how you can you not want to squeeze this?

Bea Enjoying Her Swing


One thought on “Oh. My. God.

  1. I freaked the first time I had Simone at a major family outing. She was about two months old, and everyone was passing her around. I was pissed b/c my older sister’s kids had some kind of flesh-eating disease that I didn’t notice, and someone pointed it out to me AFTER they’d held her. She never got it, but WTF! I can’t believe my sister let two rash-ridden pre-teens hold my baby! Was so glad I was still BFing at the time b/c I was the only one who could feed her. So at least I got her out of their clutches for a little while.

    I’m much better now. The craziness subsides after a while. I’m still not remotely interesting, though. I think this part passes.

    I’m lame w/my blog right now too, but please don’t stop posting permanently.

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