Okay, so I lied a little bit. The birth wasn’t exactly as carefree as I made it out to sound, but since everything turned out well, I didn’t see the point in worrying anyone. When my water broke that morning, I noticed the color was odd (not clear) and immediately knew it was meconium, the tar-like substance that builds up in a baby’s intestinal tract while it’s still in the womb. In other words, she had a bowel movement while she was still inside.

When we got to the hospital, they put me in the OB ICU unit and we had to have several pediatricians on hand to tend to Bea when she was first born. Despite the fact that my contractions were working and I felt like things were moving quickly, her heart rate kept going down and they would move me to one side or another, or put me on oxygen for a little bit. And even though I got in at around 7 in the morning and had her before 2 in the afternoon, around 10:30 they were saying that if things didn’t progress any quicker, they were going to put me on pitocin to speed things up.

When she was born, the doctors said, she would not make any noise. They didn’t want her to take her first breath before they suctioned out all of the meconium. And, wouldn’t you know it? She screamed as soon as she came out. I was petrified at first that she would inhale the stuff, and all the worst thoughts were going through my head.

But she turned out perfectly fine.

Of course, the cost for everything is was outrageous. I got my first bill yesterday (over eight grand), and the bill for the baby today (over $2500). Because I’ve already met my deductible, insurance is supposed to pay 70% of that, which means our out-of-pocket costs should be around $3500. That doesn’t include the cost of the non-stress test or the last ultrasound, which are another thousand after insurance. Ugh. Suffice it to say I’m going to have to make a trip to their payment office, combine all of my bills, and then apply for some kind of financial assistance.

Yesterday afternoon we took a walk over to the coffeeshop where I asked Sarah to go ahead and put me back on the schedule. I’m really not thrilled with this at all. I still feel tired all the time, despite sleeping more (I’ve been pumping and bottlefeeding that because I think the flow is really slow for Bea and this may be why she spends so much time on my boobs), and I’m not operating at 100% quite yet — I mean, yesterday she was officially two weeks old. I think there are still two weeks of schedules made out in advance at work, though, so I will have had 4 weeks to recover, making my total time off about 6 weeks.



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