Oh, Yeah. College.

If all goes as planned, Charlie’s raise will financially allow me to stay at home with the Peanut. Of course, I am flabbergasted that this is a possibility, although I make so little money it’s not really that huge a surprise. I’m sure you can do a fine job of imagining the back-and-forth I’m doing about this in my mind.
But, honestly, I don’t care nearly as much as I thought I would. I don’t have a “career” right now to which to return. No offense, but brewing coffee and making lattes every day doesn’t exactly define me. I just want to get my degree so I can get a “real” job. (Disclaimer: My definition of “real” may be much different from other people’s. I don’t care about money so much as doing something I really enjoy.)

The only problem we’re really facing right now is the health insurance. I have it, he doesn’t. I have to work full time to get the health insurance and he makes too much for me to get any other sort of assistance because we file taxes together. School health insurance is cheap for me, but to add the kid . . . we’re talking several hundred dollars a month, which means we might as well just get private insurance for her.

I also am registered for a full load of classes in the fall. I’m hoping I graduate someday. It’s soooooo close, yet so far away. All the courses I have left are ones I really, really don’t want to take. This late in my college career, I’m hoping that a few more B’s won’t knock down my GPA all that much, but with a new baby, I don’t imagine grad school is going to be an option in the near future. Maybe when she starts school?

I don’t know if I even give a rat’s ass about grades anymore. One of my classes is Spanish, which I need to fulfill a foreign language requirement, but I tested out of the first part of it, so I only need two 3-credit classes, rather than a total of 10 credits. Then there’s the math. Oh, my god, the math. This is part of why I started out at Herron; you don’t need any math to go to art school. But since I switched majors and got a “D” in the last Algebra class I took (and that was the happiest “D” of my life), I have to take it again. And, assuming I get at least a “C,” I still have to take finite math. I think I’ve registered for and dropped those classes about a half a dozen times over the past three years.

Then I registered for an online psych class which, if I’m not mistaken, fulfills my minor. Lastly, an English language history course.

I used to know exactly what I needed to graduate, but I’m not sure where I stand anymore. I think, after this semester, I’ll need somewhere around 17 more credits to finish. That is, assuming I take the full load for which I’m registered. And, starting back at school with a two-month old . . . I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

Nothing new to report with the aforementioned Peanut, though. I’m ready to get her out.


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