Forehead, Nose, and Labia. Oh, My!

Nothing for a week, then two posts in one day. What a special event!

Well, today’s OB appointment was a little longer than I’d expected. After all the initial stuff (how are you feeling, look at your swollen feet, blood pressure, peeing in the cup, check the cervix), she went ahead and had us schedule an ultrasound to determine how large the baby is. Apparently, when you combine my total weight gain (25 pounds and stabilized – I haven’t gained any weight in the past week), with the size of my belly, it seems as if the kid is really large. But when the OB feels around, she said it doesn’t seem all that big. So she just wanted to make sure.

We actually got in right away, which was nice, because we were both starving (me and Charlie, I mean. Although if I’m hungry, I guess the baby is too). I thought it was funny that when we went in for the 20-week u/s I was in excruciating pain from the kidney stones and it took an hour to be seen, but today we walked right in. I was prepared to wait.

The baby measured normal all over — 7.2cm femur, about 6 pounds and 12 ounces — except for the head. Apparently she takes after Charlie because her head is already 11cm in diamter. Of course, as soon as I got home I started Googling this information. Is that a guaranteed episiotomy? How much larger can the head get in the next two weeks? Oh, my god, is my kid going to have a freakishly large head? I guess we’ll find out at the next appointment in a week where the doctor goes over the results with us.

The tech pointed out the forehead and nose, and, as crazy as this sounds, it looked just like my nose. I don’t know if that’s something you can really tell from a sonogram, but it honestly appeared to be my nose.

And, the labia were clearly defined. In other words, it is definitely not a boy.


One thought on “Forehead, Nose, and Labia. Oh, My!

  1. Yay labia! 🙂

    And Dr. M told me they do not perform episiotomies anymore. You heal better if you tear– not that you’re guaranteed to tear.

    I tore a little in my eagerness to push Simone quickly after being in labor so long. She came out in only 5 pushes. It wasn’t bad, though. Only two stitches, and I’d had an epidural so I didn’t feel that. I had no idea I’d torn until they were sewing me up (also didn’t feel that).

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