Too Much Information

The latest OB appointment was neither as exciting nor as horrifying as I’d thought it would be. Checking my cervix didn’t hurt as bad as it did the first time, but the information she gave didn’t give me the hope that I’d be having this kid immediately that I’d been waiting for.

Apparently, it is still head down and is fixed in that place (the baby has been head down now for several weeks), which is good. This is called zero station. You can go four up or four down. I learned that a “+4” would mean the kid’s head was coming out of your body, and a -4 would be bad ’cause it would be under your ribs. I am also effacing (my cervix is thinning out), but not dilating yet.

The whole “station” thing explains why I am so uncomfortable. The kid’s head is right in my pelvis, with all its weight on my bladder. This has created a lot of tingling and numbness, as well as some sharp pains in my groin which make it difficult for me to walk. Between 6am and 10am this morning I work, I counted 8 bathroom trips; once every 30 minutes. I didn’t even drink as much water as I normally do.

Now is the time that people have started recommending ways for me to hurry along the process: eggplant parmesan, Mexican pizza, Outback Steakhouse, jumping up and down, raspberry tea, long walks, bumpy car rides. I’m probably not going to do any of that. I’d rather it came out on its own. In another week, however, I may be singing a different tune. After just a little over five and a half hours on my feet this morning, they were so swollen I could barely walk home.


4 thoughts on “Too Much Information

  1. Wait, someone actually suggested Outback as a birth inducer? Did this someone also happen to work for Outback Steakhouse?

    I’d say Denny’s or White Castle would work better for that, seeing as they rapidly induce other bodily functions.

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