Pregnancy Cramps

I woke up this morning at 4am with stabbing pains down my entire left thigh. Thus far, the sciatica has been limited to tingling, numbness, and an occasional sharp pain on my left side. This morning I stretched my leg to shift sides and it felt like the world’s worst charley horse in my thigh!

An hour later, twenty minutes before my alarm was to go off, I woke up again with a cramp in BOTH of my calves. I shrieked, “Help!” and Charlie sat straight up.

Needless to say, I was a mess at work this morning. I felt like I’d had no sleep and had just returned from running a marathon. My muscles were sore and my brain was like scrambled eggs. Sarah was in the same boat for other reasons. Namely, have a 12-week old at home and having to work 45 hours a week.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Cramps

  1. Oh goddess, the f’ing leg cramps. Those were the worst. Lots of water and milk. I called the OB, and they said it’s not a lack of potassium if you’re pregnant, it’s dehydration and a calcium deficiency. Don’t worry– Labor won’t be as bad as the double leg cramps are.

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