Money; It’s a Gas

Charlie surprised me last week with a load of electronics, including a new digital camera and an iPod docking station that we can use at the hospital. So I’ve been busying myself this evening with creating playlists and downloading “soothing” music. Mostly, classical stuff that I don’t seem to have anywhere else. Studies show that women who listen to lyric-free music for several hours before the really nasty parts of labor start have an easier time relaxing. Studies also show this that and the other and I cannot keep straight everything I’ve read in the past few months.

I was trying to imagine what it would be like to be in the delivery room with each song playing in the background, and I imagined a lot of it just pissing me off. Even when I’m in the car or have my headset on, a song will come on and I’ll skip through it, then skip the next one, and then I don’t want to hear the one that’s on after that . . .

So I decided to just stick with one classical playlist, one rockin’ one, and one that’s semi-relaxing stuff.

I went to the hospital this morning for my three hour glucose test. It was awful (hungry, tired, nauseated, dizzy, headachey, bored), but I managed to keep myself busy. For the first hour, I read a Bill Bryson book on the history of the English language. For the second hour, I watched new episodes of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” that I’d downloaded from iTunes. For the third hour, I passed out in a chair in the waiting room. Really. I was sitting there, listening to music, and next thing I know, it’s time for my fourth and final blood draw.

I’m not too worried that I actually have gestational diabetes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I would really be shocked to discover I had it. Seriously, though, what a waste of time and money.

Speaking of money, my scooter is officially sold. This kid offered me $100 more than I was asking for it on CraigsList, showed up Sunday on time, gave me cash, and left. I drew up a bill of sale for both of us so he could have in writing that I’ll get him the title upon payoff, plus we’re going to transfer the extended warranty to him. It makes me wish we’d just skipped the first kid altogether (who made us late for Jay’s birthday party, hemming and hawing in our front yard), and let this other guy get the scooter on Saturday. Since he picked it up Sunday, he had to drive it home in nasty, cold rain and I felt bad. But he’s young and resilient. He was fine, I’m sure.

I told Charlie I’m getting a Honda Rebel for my 35th birthday. He said okay.


2 thoughts on “Money; It’s a Gas

  1. If Charlie is still wanting to buy some electronics, I’d really like to have a new digital camera.

    I am sure all is fine with your blood/sugar. You are the second person I know that had that happen. Of course, they told her that 130 was the high end, and she was 164, so it sounds like a medical racket to me.

    I hope the music helps you in the delivery room. I have heard it helps.

  2. Was it Mother Tongue or Made in America? I love them both! That’s where I found out Shakespeare came up with the word eyeball. How freakin’ cool is that? I can tell you it really impresses 10th graders!

    Oh, are you going to get a little sidecar for the baby?

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