Take That, Blood Sugar!

After complaining about having to drink the nasty syrup for my gestational diabetes test, is turns out my results were high. I have to go back in first thing Tuesday morning for a three-hour test; this time having fasted after midnight. Oh, yuck. Of course, the paranoid in me started looking up the worst things that can happen and now I’m all worried about the possibility that I may have it.

I admit I thought there wasn’t a chance because I haven’t gained that much weight, overall (20 pounds total, and I’m right at 29 weeks), and I was under the impression that gestational diabetes was just a cause of severe weight gain and eating like a pig. But I also know many women experience a higher-than-usual result during their first test and the follow-up usually comes back negative. So I don’t particularly care to spend three hours at the office on Tuesday.

But my results weren’t all that high — I think the nurse said 159 — and I’ve read that normal levels are between 70-150, which puts me slightly above the high end. And this is after some I had some Raisin Bran and a little coffee. They told me to just not overdo it with sweet stuff, so I didn’t.

I guess my iron was really low, too, though, so I might have to take an additional supplement. That’s not a big deal. I just don’t want to pile on any more worries.

Also, have you seen these awful Schick “Trim Style” razor commercials? Offensive, to say the least.


3 thoughts on “Take That, Blood Sugar!

  1. Sounds like pretty normal stuff. Of course, I know you don’t want to spend the three hours in the office on Tuesday. I always thought it was a scam to get more money from us.

    I have seen that commercial. With all the other things that have been pulled because they were offensive, it makes me wonder how that one made it through.

  2. It sounds like you’ll be fine. Sometimes just having a little extra sugar can throw things completely.

    I had to take iron supplements too. Pretty standard from what I understand. You have to remember that the fetus is sucking pretty much everything out of you right now. One thing I was amazed to learn (and glad did not happen to me), they can really mess up your teeth because they leech so much calcium from your system. Drink lots of milk! Or take a calcium supplement. My doc suggested those too. I got the calcium chews that tasted like caramel. Yum!

    Good luck on Tuesday. I’m sure it will be fine.

  3. The first time I saw the commercial was on youtube, so small I could hardly tell what was happening at first, then I decided that someone had digitally altered the commercial as a joke… until I saw it again ON T.V. What on earth?! When are they going to start using droopy flowers in erectile dysfunction product commercials?

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