Pregnancy Brain.

Oh, my god. I am so boring right now. I’m bored. I’m tired. I’m tired of being bored, and bored of being tired. I feel like my brain has shrunk, like all the synapses aren’t firing. I’m operating, cognitively, at what appears to be about 70%. Sometimes, not even that much.

I can’t remember the last time I had an interesting conversation with another person. My attention span has all but disappeared. Maybe this is why Facebook is so appealing to me right now; I only have to read tiny snippets of information about my friends, which is great, because even that is often too much for me to digest at one time.

I’m now in my last trimester. Somewhere around 29 weeks. 28? I can’t keep the weeks straight. But I do have an appointment with my OB on Thursday, and they always know. I also know they want to give me that nasty sweet drink for a gestational diabetes test and I don’t want to take it. I don’t know how long I’ll be in the office, but I have to close Thursday night, so I don’t want to spend my entire morning drinking this gross stuff and feeling naseated before spending the rest of my day at work.

My back hurts. My ribs hurt. It hurts to eat, to lie down, to stand up, and to sit. I can’t believe I have another three months of this. 10 weeks. 11 weeks. Whatever.


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Brain.

  1. Oh sweetie– pregnancy brain sucks. It’s one of the symptoms no one seems to tell you about until you’re already experiencing it. I wish I could say I’m over it now but I’m still not quite out of it. I think it ends after maternity leave when you begin getting acclimated to your real life again post birth.

  2. I hated that liquid sugary stuff. It was the second most disgusting drink I’ve ever put in my mouth. I think I got “fruit punch” flavored drink. Yuck! I hate punch to begin with, but it was horrid! Then I had to sit around and do blood draws and other annoying things. I think it took like two hours. Blah! But, on the plus side, no gestational diabetes, so that is good. Richard’s mom had it (they think–they didn’t test back then) and Richard was something horrid like 11 lbs (natural birth) and ended up with a broken collar bone b/c he was so big as a baby. So, I guess the sugary stuff serves a good purpose.

    One of the worsts parts for me was not being able to move much in my sleep. I don’t sleep (sit, stand, etc) well in one place. I need to move around. At nine months, there was nowhere to move and no comfy way to lay. It sucked! Plus, I LOVE to sleep on my stomach and that was really out. Grrr!

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