Small Town Minds

Some people bore the holy hell out of me. It’s the same stupid arguments over and over again. Especially from good ol’ Redneck County, Indiana, where I ended up when my dad retired from active duty in the Navy.

A friend from high school is moving back to the cultural void most people call a ‘burb where we went to high school. Probably mostly because his daughter isn’t having a very good time in the IPS school system, and maybe a little because his family lives there and it’ll be easier on him and his wife to have free babysitters nearby.

So he posted a comment on Facebook about how he’s not looking forward to moving back there this summer (he currently lives a couple of miles from where I am right now). I posted a comment in response; a bunch of sarcastic stuff about how great it will be to live within driving distance of five different WalMart stores and a Chili’s and Applebee’s and TGI Friday’s and any other apostrophe’d chain restaurant one could think of. And the schools that thrive exclusively on sports, but never on art or music, and the racism that’s right there, in your face all the time, where nary a tan face can be seen unless Amber and Ashley and Ashton have been allowed to go to the tanning bed.

Apparently, some other friend of this guy’s had remarked prior to my comment (and, on Facebook, you usually get an email follow-up when someone responds to a comment to which you’ve commented), and she didn’t take kindly to it. She made a snide remark about how pointless it is to “walk to a hip organic market or coffee house when your kids don’t have any educational opportunities.”

Of course, I had about a hundred things I wanted to say in response — you know, like why can’t we have both? Why do we have to choose between having only healthy food and local, independent retailers or only WalMart and Sam’s Club? Or, how I actually went to that school and I know how shitty it is and how there are NO “educational opportunities” for kids who are interested in something other than football, basketball, and baseball. I think they have a bigger soccer team now, though. And how it’s the responsibility of a parent to ensure his or her child is getting the education they need — that parents are, in my mind, supposed to supplement their child’s book-learnin’. I mean, why else do people drag their kids to church, except to force-feed them their religious beliefs? And I think this young lady taking the time out of her day to snap at me is just another reason why I don’t want to live out there again.

And then I was saying to Charlie, this chick needs to get a blog to vent because it seems rude to me that she (someone I don’t know) made an argument out of an innocent joke between two other people. And then I thought, why don’t I just vent on my own? And so I have.


One thought on “Small Town Minds

  1. Redneck County, eh? Yeah. I know it.

    You should visit me. You’d love it here. {insert sarcastic emphasis on ‘love’}

    The other day in Lit, the instructor asked if any of us had read “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison in high school.

    I just laughed to myself, but saddened that we would have NEVER been asked to read that book. And here I thought Tennessee’s standards were below par.

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