Suspicious Activities

I’ve had two people add me to their “friends list” on either MySpace or Facebook in the past couple of weeks, both of whom I know from high school and the evil former housemate (not Cavan, of course!). Since I know for a fact that both of these people are still friends with said evil former housemate, I have to question why they’re adding me. One of the girls I know —  kind of, a little bit — but haven’t seen her in years. The other I have only met twice and is most assuredly a good friend of the evil former housemate.

I have not approved either of these people. In fact, one of them I hit “ignore request,” and the other I just haven’t even bothered to sign in and check. I just received an email about it and chose to do nothing. It makes me feel weird, like what are their motives, and why are they trying to connect with me? Are they arbitrarily adding me because we went to high school together, or are they trying to “get information” about me to give to the enemy?

Today I went to the library to check out some books and an older gentleman approached me at the elevator. It would have been really odd if we’d been alone, but there were several other people standing around. “If you know anyone who’s having a baby soon,” he joked, eyeing my obvious condition, “this is for the piggy bank.” And he just handed me a silver dollar. It was a cute gesture, if a little weird. I laughed and said thank you, if I came across someone, I’d pass it on.

By the way, this last bit wasn’t suspicious to me, despite the title of the post; I just wanted to tell you about it.


3 thoughts on “Suspicious Activities

  1. That totally restores my faith that there are still GOOD people on this earth. Obviously, beyond you and I (or is it me? I always get confused) and a few select people. I guess I am saying–strangers.

    And I am talking about the old man, not the weirdos on Facebook/MySpace.

  2. I just recently had a student want to be my friend on Facebook. I’ve also had some former students make the same request. I feel kind of bad ignoring them, but I don’t want to be friends with my students. I know several teachers who do it. And it’s not like I put anything scandalous on my page…I just don’t want them having access to my private life. I don’t want them looking at pictures of my kid or reading my updates (esp. since many deal with teaching frustrations).

    I think mostly they are just trying to add to their Facebook “popularity,” but I find myself wondering why they’d want teachers as friends too. I mean, aside from the fact that I’m just darn cool.

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