Working Hard

photo So, while we get to trudge around in 20-degree weather, waiting for it to warm up and then just rain all weekend, Charlie is in Las Vegas where it’s 72 degrees with 18% humidity. He’s there for a quote — conference — end quote.  How they managed to con the owner into believing this was somehow beneficial to running the club (to send his manager and three department heads to Las Vegas for four days) is beyond me. But they did it. So far, he’s emailed me photos from his iPhone of the MGM Grand’s buffet, the front of The Palms (where they’re staying), a plate of his food, and the one at left. I noted how odd it was to see Zorro and Elvis at a business conference.

Of course, I’m envious. I am in no shape to travel; financially or physically. I probably wouldn’t have any fun at all, and would have to take a nap every two hours. What can a woman do in Las Vegas who’s six months pregnant that’s any fun? Can’t drink, can’t smoke, don’t gamble . . .
I’ve also started having Braxton Hicks contractions. I didn’t know what it was at first, until looking it up. There’s just this tightening of all the muscles in my abdomen, but without any real pain, and for a few seconds at a time, I can’t seem to do anything at all. Just stand there and try to breathe.

I’ve worked all day, every day, since Thursday, and I’m beat. I keep thinking that I’ll do something spectacular when I have another day off, but I know I’ll probably just sleep and spend time with the dogs.

The day after we mailed the lease agreement to our landlord, the house across the street had a for For Sale By Owner sign up in the front yard. D’oh! This was the one that was for sale when we first moved in here with Cavan. It took the former owner almost a year to sell it. She started out asking almost $200k, and, by the time everything was said and done, she took somewhere around $150k. The Wasteful People (as I call the current owners) are starting out asking $179,999. Considering how long it sat there last time, and how little they paid for it, plus the current state of home sales and the economy, I think they’re just being downright greedy. They didn’t upgrade the furnace or kitchen appliances; all of which appeared to be about as old as I am.

I only know this because we went to an open house when this place was for sale a couple of years ago. I really liked the yard and screened-in patio in the backyard. But it was tiny and needed a lot of updating. If the basement was actually dry, one could finish it and add a living area, bathroom, or extra bedroom. But why am I worrying about all of that? It’s my specialty.


One thought on “Working Hard

  1. You aren’s missing out on being in Vegas. I’ve attended work conferences there and it’s really not fun. It’s sort of fun for about 24 hours – you know the whole, party and forget your cares attitude thing but that and the cig smoke get way old.

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