Billing Confuses Me

The bills are already starting to pile up in our nifty little mail organizer. IUPUI is asking for almost $1300 back after I dropped classes this semester. I have to file an appeal to ask them not to charge me so much, or at least let me make payments.

The total in charges at the hospital for my kidney stone situation, ultrasound, and tests is somewhere around $1500. I set up payments yesterday for the first half of that.

I still have to get a letter from my doctor stating that I dropped classes due to medical reasons, but there’s no guarantee this will get me out of paying all their charges for my two and a half weeks of school. Twelve hundred dollars for physically being in three different classes five times? Sure, that seems fair.

Sarah told me how much her bills were after she had the baby. Obviously, we have the same insurance. So, add another several grand to those totals here in a few months, plus whatever I get charged when I start going to OB appointments every two weeks, and then again every week prior to the labor. Assuming, that is, I have absolutely no more probems, I don’t need an episiotomy or epidural or C-section or anything else.

And let’s not even discuss the fact that insurance company continues to ask me for “proof” that I had no pre-existing conditions before signing up for the insurance in August. As if that’s possible at my age — to have never had any problems, ever, in your lifetime? Yet when you admit to anything, they can refuse to cover you. And apparently there’s some law in a few (if not all) states that says an insurance company isn’t legally required to pay maternity services to a woman who has been on their plan for less than one year.

This is why we decided against buying a house this June. I knew shit was going to go down, I just didn’t know how deep it would be. And I still don’t.


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