Babies Everywhere

I met my third infant yesterday in just about as many months. They are so little. I don’t know why that surprises me except for the fact that I don’t think I ever met a newborn. Most of the kids I’ve ever met are at least a year or two old, and I’d certainly never held a baby before November when Maureen brought her newborn to Sarah’s baby shower. But I really had no idea how tiny they are.
Sarah’s little boy was born three weeks ago and I had yet to visit her and take her even more crap that she doesn’t need. I asked what she might actually want – dinner, lunch, clothes, movies? – and she said movies. So we took her Sicko, Arsenic & Old Lace, the first season of Flight of the Conchords, and one other thing that completely escapes me.

Which is a problem I’ve been having a lot lately — my brain has turned to mush. I have heard that this occasionally happens to pregnant women in their second and third trimesters (I think I’m about a month away from my third trimester). I didn’t necessarily believe it, but my coordination and cognitive skills have both been impaired lately. I keep dropping things, stumbling, tripping, my hands don’t seem to grasp very well, and a couple of weeks ago I actually fell out of bed! I didn’t stiffen up since I was half asleep, and this was before the ultrasound, so no damage was done, I’m relieved to say.

I have also noticed my short term memory seems to be going. I read in my week-by-week pregnancy book that this can happen, but I chalked it up to the usual B.S. women give in an attempt to get away with more while they’re pregnant or having their periods. I have to admit that when it comes to emotional stuff and food, I haven’t been very forgiving of other women. I have had no strange or unusual cravings. In fact, I’ve lost my taste for certain foods and really only want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, and salad and french fries. Based on that experience, I just sort of assumed that some women use getting pregnant as an excuse to eat like a pig and act like a maniac.

But then I noticed the problems with coordination, and I have had some mood swings (mostly irritability, which is nothing new), so maybe I was being unduly harsh.

I don’t have any photos of The Baby’s Room yet because it’s currently a mess. I finished most of the accent wall today, using a really small roller, because we didn’t have a handle for the bigger ones and I’d started edging and . . . well, before I knew it, I was practically done with the whole thing. The paint is supposed to be low in fumes and non-toxic, which is why we got it from Sarah, and I barely smelled paint at all while I was doing it. Yesterday we painted a wooden wall hanging of owls that Audrey gave me a while ago. That’s pretty much the theme right now: owls, octopuses, some Ugly Dolls, and, I think, black and white furniture.

The house hunting is on hold for the time being. Charlie called the landlord yesterday to ask him to send us another one-year lease. We talked it over and it just doesn’t seem like a great idea to move a couple of weeks before I’m due, not to mention all the problems I’ve been having with my health insurance company. I got a letter in the mail today notifying me that they asked for all my medical records from the past year, and they want me to send proof that I didn’t have any insurance during that time. I didn’t, but several times since I signed up for the insurance, they’ve tried to deny coverage for certain things, claiming they think I have a pre-existing condition and demanding I prove that I don’t.

Whether my insurance refuses to pay for things, or whether they continue to pay only very little of what I’m being billed, we’re both a little concerned about what sorts of payments we’re going to have to make. Rather than let things build up, affecting our credit, we figured we should get through these next few months, get stuff paid off, and think over the whole buying-a-house thing next year.


One thought on “Babies Everywhere

  1. Nothing wrong with putting off the house thing. The forgetfulness, being harsh, ect., are real things that happen in pregnancy. Finding a house is stressful enough without being pregnant as well.

    I am pretty sure I have punctuation errors, spelling, grammar and the like. Please ignore.

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