Back on the Juice

I’m back on coffee — just a little bit today, but enough to keep me going all afternoon. I’m making sure to drink twice as much water to flush it all out, though. I was beginning to worry that I couldn’t make it through an entire day without passing out on the couch again, much like the first three months I was pregnant. But I made myself a little go-go juice before I left work and ended up getting a lot done. Yesterday I was ready for bed around 5:30pm.

I got stuck at work an extra hour this morning, plus about 15 minutes to do paperwork, because someone (the owner) had changed the schedule to have both me and Rebecca (a girl who only works weekends) leaving at 11, but the next person not coming in until noon. She goes to church on Sundays, so I felt obligated to stay, despite her offer otherwise. The owner has made a habit lately of sneaking in to change schedules so people aren’t getting as many hours. I know we need to cut down on labor, but we’ve already got only two people in the mornings – except for Friday and Saturday – and the closer leaving an hour earlier than the shift supervisor.

The owner came in again this afternoon, this time to make notes of what we need from the warehouse, and began to list off things she wanted us to do in and for the store – clean these shelves, dust behind the tea tins, clean the top of the bench, get bananas and yogurt and tape and White-Out, etc… So Joe (a former employee who came back to work during our manager’s maternity leave) and I split up the duties. Since I was leaving I had to run all the errands, and since he was closing he had to do all the cleaning. I should have stayed clocked in. It’s not like I’m salary.

So I went home, ate some lunch, changed clothes, and made a Target/grocery store run. We went right back to the store with all the crap so they’d have bananas and yogurt, and I could do a paid-out to reimburse myself. There were two police officers standing around inside the store when I got there. I learned that Crazy Pink-Haired Lady had been down at another store, communicating ineffectively, and had created quite a stir when she made someone believe she’d been assaulted the night before at her apartment. Apparently, she was only trying to say that she saw two boys lurking around that she didn’t like. This is something she says often. There are a couple of twenty-something dudes who live in her building that she doesn’t trust. But the kid from the other store didn’t know any better, and didn’t understand her, so he called the police, trying to do the right thing. She didn’t stick around to see what happened when Joe told her what was up. Nice.

When I got home, I started cleaning the bathroom and organizing The Baby’s Room. We’ve been slowly moving things from the room next to ours to the spare room that used to be Cavan’s. It was functioning as a spare bedroom and sewing area, while the room next to ours was Charlie’s — for lack of a better phrase — “man cave.” I hate this term, but have been hearing it a lot lately. It’s a very popular theme.

I spackled the holes in the wall where the wall-mount used to be. We’d found a nice black dresser at Goodwill on Friday that was still in the box. Charlie put it together and we shifted the pictures and McFarlane figures into the spare room. We have a really nice sea-foamy green color for the wall that Sarah had painted in her room. She had a couple of gallons left, so I bought it from her since I liked it so much. We also have a lot of good owl/octopus stuff to put up, and a scary/cute painting Audrey made me (and the baby) for Christmas.

I’ve been feeling [her] move around a lot more lately. Especially when I try to lie down at night. Did I use that verb correctly? Lay and lie give me a lot of trouble. Lay is past tense, yes? Anyway. Last night it felt like [she] was doing somersaults in there. I feel weird about saying it’s a girl, because I keep hearing stories from people who thought they were having a girl and gave birth to a boy because ultrasounds aren’t necessarily a guarantee.


One thought on “Back on the Juice

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. How about some photos of The Baby’s Room. If I know you, you are taking some each step of the way.

    Good find at Goodwill.

    Crazy Pink Hair Lady needs serious help. Seriously.

    Don’t work yourself to death.

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