The Latest in Barfosity – And Introducing … Ms. Peanut.

peanut1Okay. So the final ruling is in. And it’s full of gross information that you may or may not want to hear. I passed some/several/one huge kidney stone(s) last Friday morning. As a result, I got a massive infection that led me to vomit uncontrollably and I couldn’t keep anything down, including water. I couldn’t stand up straight, sit down, lay down, or feel comfortable in any way. It was, I’m quite sure, the worst thing ever to have happened to me. I haven’t had a “movement” in four days, if you know what I mean, and ended up losing almost 6 pounds. All’s well that ends well, I guess, because my doctor wasn’t as concerned this morning as I thought she might be, even after they found blood in my urine. But I guess that’s a common occurrence with kidney problems.

Her final suggestion? Drop out of classes this semester, and let her know if I need a letter for my advisor with that recommendation in print. I’m stressing myself out and not staying healthy, she said, and I need to stay super-hydrated and focus on one thing. Work. That thing that gives me the health insurance that lets me go to these appointments. School can wait. I’ll finish. Just get through till June, have this kid, and go back to school.

So Charlie and I talked it over and I came home, wrote all my professors an apology, and dropped my classes. I almost cried afterward, because I feel like I’ve already taken so g-damn long to do this, that I can’t imagine stretching it out another friggin’ semester. Then again, I can’t imagine getting as sick as I was the past week and still making it through this pregnancy. I can’t put myself or the baby through that sort of stress and come out on top.

For the record, there was an ultrasound on Monday. They wanted to make sure the baby wasn’t undergoing too much stress, and that the placenta hadn’t ruptured or anything. Through my pain and nasuea, the tech told me it appears to be a girl. How she can tell this from the blob above, I don’t know. But she’s the professional. I can make a mean cappuccino or edit the hell out of your papers and resume, but I honestly could not tell what she saw that made this a female crotch. I already told my mom and my favorite aunt, so it’s probably only a matter of time before everyone else finds out. Figured I’d go ahead and put it out there for everyone. Nothing pink, please.


4 thoughts on “The Latest in Barfosity – And Introducing … Ms. Peanut.

  1. Speaking of “nothing pink”…

    My sister-in-law used an insect/bug theme for my niece’s nursery. We’re not talking butterflies, either. There was everything from ants to spiders. It was cute.

    Another new-mother friend of ours is doing apple-green and legendary monsters for a girl’s nursery theme — how cool is that?

    I’m really digging the new not-pink not-disney trend I’m seeing in new baby stuff…

  2. Passing a kidney stone sounds a lot like full-on labor– except you get the good drugs when you’re in labor. If you can handle what you just went through, this having a baby thing will be a piece of cake.

    The u/s– classic 3 lines. That is a vagina, my dear– or at least it’s about to be. If you have ultrasounds really late in pregnancy you’ll totally be able to see her labia– and they will point them out to you EVERY TIME. I am so excited for you!!

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