Company-Wide Freak Out

We had a harrowing few hours this morning when the possibility that Sarah might be going in to labor became very real. She was having some contractions that felt painful, and a little release of fluid that she thought might be her water breaking (she has not actually gone in to labor as of this post, though). Which is funny because last night was our final meeting before Sarah goes on maternity leave. The owner asked if we had a pool going to see when Sarah would have her baby. Obviously, no one picked today.

After lots of phone calls and trying to get someone to cover her shift, it became apparent that I was going to have to go back in. The only people who had worked during the morning were me, Matt, and Joe; three of our four shift supervisors. The fourth had “other plans.” I contacted all my professors to let them know my manager was (probably) going to have a baby and no one else was available to work. Of course, I completely forgot I was supposed to take a quiz in psychology today (d’oh!), but I have 9 other quizzes the rest of the semester, so the lowest score will be dropped anyway. Still. Shit. I hate this!

Everyone’s attitude about the whole thing was beyond irritating. When one person was saying, “No, I’ve got other stuff to do,” another was sighing and pissy and short with me because they didn’t want to have to work on their day off, or someone who didn’t understand why Sarah didn’t already have this covered. Yet another didn’t return anyone’s phone calls until well after the situation was resolved.

I can’t help but think that, at a time like this, people should really be careful about their unwillingness to help out. When hours are being cut and people are being left off the schedule for weeks at a time, one might think it would behoove one’s self to step up during a minor crisis.

I also just read a scathing email from one of my professors, who apparently did not get my message from earlier, and scolded me for not paying more attention to deadlines. I want to throttle these kids.

In other news, Crazy Pink-Haired Lady and I are “friends” again. Apparently she was reprimanded and told that she can’t come back in the store. I guess she stopped for a few days (the days I was off this week), but saw me going in to work yesterday afternoon. I asked her to explain herself — why was she there? She said she wanted a time out, and went to shook my hand. I’d looked up some ASL online a few nights before and signed that if she ever hits me or is physical in any way, I’ll call the police. She knew exactly what that meant and suddenly threw herself at me, trying to get me to hug her and apologizing all over herself. She’s also angry with her boyfriend now, so I’m off the hook temporarily.

I just don’t have the energy to fight with her right now.


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