That Chick Who Beats Up Deaf People

After that last entry I made, you’d think I want my job. I don’t anymore. Today I’d finally had it. Crazy Pink Haired Lady came in and started with her usual irritating faces and hand gestures at me. I turned around to ignore her and she came around, stood right in front of me, and gave me the finger. I laughed and acted like it was a joke, trying to get her to just let it go. I turned again, at which point she physically shoved me.

It gets worse. I put my hand up to tell her to stop and she started waving her hands in my face and went to hit me. She missed her target and landed a few blows on my arms and near my neck, but not my face or head.  I was absolutely furious. I tried to gesture her away from me, rather than actually physically pushing her, and she went ballistic.

It was incredibly frustrating and embarrassing. We had a store full of people and she’s wailing and yelling and hitting me.

I had to beg both my co-workers to please ask her to leave because she was doing this nanny-nanny-boo-boo/you-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do thing. She was clearly proud of herself.

Regardless of whatever disability she may have besides being deaf, she knows better than to hit people. She also knows I can’t do anything to reciprocate. She knew she could slap me and hit me in the middle of the store and I wouldn’t be able to fight back. I mean, Christ, do I want to be known as the girl at the coffeeshop who beat up the old deaf lady? No.

I honestly wanted to walk out and never go back. I wanted to be one of the people to get laid off and collect unemployment. But to be honest, I didn’t want her to think she’d gotten me to leave.

I called my friend who works for Adult Protective Services to ask what I’m supposed to do in a situation like this. I cannot work someplace where disabled people are coming in and attacking me. If she were higher functioning, I might have called the police and reported an assault. In this situation, I’m totally lost. All I know is, I have to work there five days a week, she lives fifty yards away from our front door, and I cannot deal with this crazy woman coming in and pummeling me whenever she’s bored.

I’m looking up ASL signs for how to say “Please leave or I’ll have to call the police.”


5 thoughts on “That Chick Who Beats Up Deaf People

  1. I say it’s ok to call the police on someone who is trying to hit you, deaf, old or otherwise.

    It might get her banned from the store if nothing else.

  2. This is Jay : I will call the fucking police. If you raise a hand to me or anyone I love, your ass is toast.
    Disability or not, violence is violence is violence. You need to call your managers and tell them they have created a hostile work environment for you by not giving you any means to protect yourself.
    Had I been there, I would have pushed that crazy woman into traffic. I have NO patience for that kind of bullshit.

  3. I am ticked at all the people in the place who didn’t call the police when they saw one person hit another person! Deaf, schmeaf. The only ‘special’ treatment she should get is to have the police bring a impartial translator.

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