The Paranoia Creeps In . . .

According to the Family Medical Leave Act, in the state of Indiana, a pregnant woman can take up to 12 weeks unpaid time off to care for her child, a family adopting or fostering a child or baby can also do the same. Unfortunately, the law also states that if the company experiences any sort of financial trouble that leads to layoffs or downsizing, your job is not guaranteed.

Which has me wondering. Will Sarah’s job be there when she returns after only 6 weeks? Will mine be there if I leave in June? They’ve already cut us back to two people every morning and the second shift can leave an hour or more before we close, leaving the shift supervisor (in my case, a pregnant, 5’1″ tall female) alone to close the store. And count all the money. Did I mention I’d be alone?

They also cut our discounts on food and drinks from 40% to 15%. Customers who bring in their own mug no longer get 15% off, but ten cents. People are not going to be happy about this. I hate that it becomes my responsibility to excuse the decision, or apologize for it, or explain why we need to do it. Regardless of the fact that Sarah put up notices on both registers about it. People are going to bitch.

I also discovered that I absolutely have to work 30 hours or more per week to keep my health insurance. It looks like it’s coming down to just me and Matt to run things. Sarah says since he and I are the only two full-timers with insurance, we have to get and keep it together or we may find ourselves, as the highest paid employees with the most amount of seniority, out the door. I thought it would be the other way around, but it might only extend as far as the couple of people who work the least amount of hours getting dropped off the schedule, then they’ll move to the top and work their way down to save on labor costs. Matt was saying today that cutbacks usually get made from the top of the lowest part of the food chain. As in, our owners aren’t going to be lowering the amount they pay themselves, or the friends and family who work with them, or their vacations to exotic locations around the world to “check out coffee;” those of us at the stores who get paid the most are at the highest risk.

Some cutbacks are already starting, with three people not on the schedule at all next week. I’m trying to not freak out, or at least do it quietly.


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