Future Homeowners?

Well, we were “officially” pre-approved for a mortgage. Conditionally. Charlie has to change the way his student loans are kept and consolidated, which he’ll do within the next two months. Otherwise we’d get stuck paying rent and a mortgage and we kind of want to avoid that, if at all possible, since we’d have 90 days at the most to use the loan information. So we’ll probably wait until March.

There are a couple of homes we’ve found online that we like, which may or may not still be around when (if) this really happens. And I know lots of people want to sell me their side of town. But the fact of the matter is, we like where we live a lot and I can’t imagine moving somewhere else in Indy. I know the Lawrence schools are really good, and I looked up homes both there and in the Garfield Park area (one of which is just a few doors down from Mel and Katie), which are incredibly affordable. You get a lot more house for your money in both areas, but I like the idea of a cozy, older bungalow (somewhat updated, of course) in Broad Ripple. We’ve already decided to look for places without basements, in the hopes of avoiding a nasty mold situation.

Housing prices have plummeted recently and, right now, we’ll be able to afford a lot more home than we could have three or four, or even a couple of, years ago. So I hope no one’s offended if we don’t move to their side of town. Sorry, everyone.

I guess it works out better in terms of my due date, though. I’ve been operating under the assumption that I could be popping as early as May (right after Spring finals), but it appears as though the first OB’s idea was probably correct; the middle of June is more likely. Charlie and I joked that we might ask people to help us move in lieu of baby gifts — but who the hell wants to do that? I’d rather pick out a stuffed animal from someone’s baby registry than to go help them move. Yuck. But if we get out of here the end of May, I’ll at least be able to help a little bit. I think. If not, we’re already planning to save some of the refund we get from our taxes for a moving company.

We still have to wait to find out the gender, though. We were going to make an appointment for two weeks from now, but rather than pay the extra co-pay and other fees, we’ll just combine it with the next check-up, which will be in a month. The nurse I saw today asked me if I “knew” what I was having. I didn’t understand her, and said, “No. We haven’t had the ultrasound yet.” She apparently meant some parents “just know” the gender, like they have a feeling what it will be. I definitely do not have that feeling.


4 thoughts on “Future Homeowners?

  1. Congrats on getting pre-approved. I knew you would be. I guess everyone will just have to come visit you in YOUR neighborhood. That’s OK. You’re not that far away. 🙂

    And for some reason I think you’re having a boy, but I always think people are having boys. I even thought I was having a boy. I’m wrong more than 50% of the time.

  2. Congrats!!

    I have a truck and a trailer to help move you…and a man. Don’t pay for a moving company. I’d LOVE to help you move and help you save that money for better things. My boss hired a moving company in Dec. Took them 9hrs to move them and cost them over $700. And my boss and her husband had everything packed and ready to go into the truck. It took these 3 guys from Broadripple moving 9 hours to load it, drive from the south side (near garfield) to Carmel and unload. WTF???

    So my point… don’t waste your time or money on movers when you got friends with trucks, muscle, husbands, and trailers. 😉

    Oh and you are having a boy. I don’t think I could handle you having a girl. 😛

    Yay… i am excited for you.

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