Time May Be Free but Filling it Isn’t.

I requested a few days off next week, knowing that classes would be starting soon and Sarah would be going on maternity leave the 23rd. We have one person who was brought on full time to cover some of her shifts, but I honestly don’t know how we’re going to do it. I dropped one class already, so I’ll be taking only two on campus and one online, rather than the four or five I’d preferred so I could graduate this coming December. Of course, with the kid coming, that’s been pushed out. Whether I’m actually due at the end of May or June, I can’t imagine keeping up a full course load with a full time schedule at work. Clearly, it didn’t work for me last semester, considering I ended up with my worst grades ever.

So I’m trying to figure out how to best utilize this unpaid time off. Do I fill it with necessary cleaning and activities to prepare for school? Do I do nothing but sleep and watch movies? I thought about taking a trip to the new IKEA, starting some new embroidery projects, hemming up all my maternity jeans that are way too long. I kind of want to do a bunch of stuff I can’t: go skiing or snowboarding or ride down a slope in a tube, go to a water park, take a trip, get some more tattoos or get these two newest ones finished, spend a bunch of money I don’t have, go to bars and get wasted.

Most likely I’ll end going to the library a few times, watching some old movies, and sleeping in. If the dogs will let me.


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