And Speaking of Me Being Non-Confrontational

I begged Charlie to cancel the appointment with the first OB we saw — the one who couldn’t have cared less if I was there, and who never once made eye contact with me. I didn’t want to do it because I knew they would ask why, but I also knew I could do a better job of making something up than Charlie, who would probably just say “We didn’t like that doctor.” I really, really didn’t want to say it because relationships like that are so subjective and, just because I didn’t dig her doesn’t mean a hundred other people don’t absolutely love the woman.

So he called and cancelled for me this morning while I was in my final from 8am-10am and said they never even asked him why. Of course, I just got off the phone with them. The doctor’s nurse called me to ask that question and I totally B.S.’ed my whole way through the conversation, saying the office is over 30 minutes away (almost true), and how I’m covered better if I go through this other office (not true at all), and I was sorry (kind of). The nurse is actually someone I liked very much, but since she wouldn’t be the person hovering above my vagina for god-knows-how-many-hours, I couldn’t go on that alone.

I also had a brief moment of panic on Monday when I thought I was going to be fired. Our trainer got called in for an emergency meeting and had it in her head that she was in trouble for opening one of our other stores late the previous morning. I told her to text me just to make sure she was okay. Around noon, I got the text saying “I’m okay, someone else isn’t.” At which point I wrote back, saying I was glad it wasn’t her . . . did it happen to be me? Chuckle, chuckle. Except she didn’t text me back. In fact, I heard nothing from her for over 3 hours, at which point I had gotten it into my head that I was, in fact, in trouble, and all of these scenarios kept popping up in my head when I had been kind of rude to someone, or hadn’t done something stupid a customer had asked of me, or maybe had ignored someone I can’t stand for just a little longer than was reasonably forgivable as being distracted.

When Katie finally called me back, it was almost 4 and I was convinced they were going to give me the ax, but she laughed and said her phone had died and she didn’t have a charger on her all afternoon. It was so stupid of me to get all freaked out, but there have been a few times when I’ve almost lost my patience with people at work and have been borderline rude. That’s pretty much why John got let go, so I imagined if enough people had complained about me in a short period of time, I’d be next.

It’s a relief, of course, knowing I still have a job, but a little part of me is disappointed I have to go back to work tomorrow morning. But what would I do without health insurance?

Speaking of which, I paid a mere $25 for my cleaning at the dentist yesterday. That was, by far, the cheapest appointment I have had involving my mouth in something like three years. I just got them cleaned. It only took 30 minutes, and that includes the free drilling I got to make the two crowns on my back left side a little bit shorter. I admit I’d been paranoid to say anything for fear that I would have to get yet another one replaced, but the drilling was minor, painless, and only slightly irritating. Now I can chew on that side!

I should have said something a while ago, I guess. But that’s just how I am.


One thought on “And Speaking of Me Being Non-Confrontational

  1. We should coordinate our next cleanings… we could watch the t.v.’s together and yell back and forth between the rooms. Wait, it’s kind of hard to talk when a girl’s got her hand in your mouth.

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