I’m sitting here, half watching The Price is Right, and half studying for my Anthropology midterm tomorrow, cringing as I try not to listen to Charlie yelling at some poor Best Buy employee. First it was the poor kid who happened to answer the phone in their customer service department. Then he wanted to speak to a manager and now that person is on the receiving end of Charlie’s wrath.

I realize why he’s upset. They’ve changed the terms of his card, which he only got to get zero interest on some thing or another that he bought a few months ago (a TV?). Now they’re not sending him statements, and they’re trying to charge him $15 to make a $13 payment today, his due date, by saying that it won’t post today, even if he makes the payment online. He gets plenty of advertisements in his snail and email boxes from them, but no actual statements in the past 3 months since he opened the account.

As much as I understand his frustation, I cannot imagine yelling over the phone at some poor sales rep who just wants to keep his job and could care less about changing Best Buy’s policies because Charlie is upset about them. I suggested he do what I did — close the account. I had similar problems with my Target card jerking around the payment “cycle” dates and eventually just paid it off and closed it out of frustation.

You can yell as much as you want, but the loudest message is the one where you give them no more money.


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