Overheard in Cavanaugh Hall

So, every Monday and Wednesday morning I leave for class around 7:45am to find a parking spot, walk all the way to my first course in Cavanaugh Hall, and eat some breakfast that, hopefully, I’ve remembered to bring with me.

This morning I was sitting on the fourth floor at a table, reading the paper and munching on animal crackers and yogurt. Two young girls were sitting a few feet away from me, going over what finals they had coming up. One of them was proudly explaining her elaborate notation system for her day planner. Orange is for exciting things. Pink is for really exciting things. Yellow is for sad things. Then things got weird. The planner girl said, “I hate Yoko Ono.”
Her friend said “Who’s that?”
Planner Girl: She’s that chick who broke up the Beatles. She, like, stole John Lennon and turned him crazy or something. And broke up the whole band.
Other Girl: Oh. That sucks.
PG: Yeah, I hate her.


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