For the fourth time in as many years, I attended my employers’ (mandatory, and no longer fun) holiday meeting on Monday night. They gave us the option of doing it on two different days and I was so sick all weekend that I never made it Sunday. I was dry-heaving most of Saturday night, and ended up with a migraine after we had lunch with Jay and Scott.

The meeting consisted of informing us of the same half-dozen or so things they do every Christmas: a “holiday blend” of coffee that several dipshits will inquire about (“Does it taste like pine cones or something?”), holiday tea, same brew-in tea mugs we had last year, overpriced chocolates, red French press. We tasted the coffee and tea and I was pretty sure I was going to heave all over the owner. I skedaddled right quick as soon as they let us go. But not before the owner mentioned our employee “shopping spree,” a day we will get an amazing 20% off of what little retail we carry, rather than the usual 15%.

This morning Charlie and I went to the new doctor’s office at 8am sharp. That was tough. Even though I get up for work at five in the morning several times a week, it’s still difficult to get up when it’s dark out and I don’t have to be at work. But the appointment was short and sweet, and I didn’t have to give blood or get naked. I did a better-than-usual job of shaving my legs last night, though, just in case.

Tonight I’m more nauseated than ever. It’s been getting worse. To the point where I think, maybe if I just threw up, I’d feel better.

Tomorrow will be interesting. Can I ingest any food without turning green? Will I spend the day chewing Tums? Is there a person left in my family who doesn’t know I’m pregnant? Probably not.


One thought on “Barfosity

  1. Holy crap! We were there at the exact same time. I was getting my non-stress test. Sorry that I missed you. I know you didn’t get to see the doc yet, but you are going to LOVE her. I need to catch up with you soon. I am convinced there is no better OBGYN practice in this city. I hope Thanksgiving went well and that you haven’t barfed up your turkey– or at least that it tasted as good coming back up as it did going down.

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