The Local Flavor: Disgusting Old Men

Today I had a regular customer say the most offensive thing I have yet to experience at a job. And there have been some whoppers. He was getting a steamed cider drink that he made up himself, which is disgusting, and I was bending down to get the cider out of the fridge. I have been having some difficulty bending at work so I have to sort of scrunch down and use my knees more. He poked his head over the side of theĀ  he said:

“Wow. I love a woman who gets on her knees that fast. Usually I have to beg for a while first.”

I stood up, shot him a really dirty look, and said, “Man, you are one class act.”

He tried to back peddle, saying it was supposed to be a joke about praying and he meant I was saint-like or some other shit, like I just “didn’t get it.” Which is just how it is with perverts. When you give it right back to them, they think they can keep doing it. When you call them out on being a dick, they act like you can’t take a joke.