Keep Your Enemies Closer

I think part of the reason Fox “News” has high ratings is because people like me watch it occasionally to see how the other half lives. Charlie claims to be a big proponent of paying attention to what conservatives and Republicans are doing, but even he can’t stomach as much Bill O’Reilly as I can.

Usually, “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann is on, and I’ll set the DVR to record it, then watch enough O’Reilly to be able to skip through most of the commercials on MSNBC. But it pisses Charlie off so much that he makes me turn the station before I can even get to the good stuff.

I’ve been watching it almost every night since the election – if not O’Reilly, then some other horrifying form of Fox punditry – to see what they’re saying. I’ve concluded that they think Obama isn’t giving people “enough” information. They want to know why he isn’t laying out more detailed plans for what he’s going to do, and asking why his press conference wasn’t more explicit. Of course, he stated clearly that he isn’t the president and that there can only be one at a time (unfortunately, it’s still Bush). They’re also spouting off about how much he “owes” the “liberal nutjobs” who donated to his campaign and how they think we’re going to make sure he lives up to promises he made during the campaign.

Of course, had it been the other way around, if Obama had gone on and on about his plans for when he does take office, they’d have been screaming about how he isn’t the president, and who the hell does he think he is?

Obviously, he can’t win. But it’s entertaining to see them squirm.

More news after Thursday (not about Obama), when I finally have my first doctor’s appointment.


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