George Bush in Lip Gloss and High Heels

Okay. I’ve really been trying to avoid any sort of political blogging since everyone and their brother does it, but my god. I cannot believe this woman doesn’t even know what she would be doing if she (Palin, at left) got the job she’s running for. To see her babble this stuff makes me physically ill. The only difference between her and Bush is that she never stops talking, while he stands there like a deer in caught in headlights. Also, she thinks liberals hate “real Americans” who accomplish and achieve and believe in god.

According to Bill Bennett and Rick Davis, the reason we hate Palin is because she’s “very attractive,” conservative, and happy. We “liberal feminists have had a lock on what is and isn’t appropriate in America. [We] see a working mother, someone who’s raising five kids, one with special needs…” and it drives us crazy that she’s a Republican. FYI: Bill Bennett and Rick Davis are two men (MEN) who don’t get to tell this liberal feminist what she’s thinking, because a person being “happy” has nothing to do with their qualifications. And, for some reason, I don’t think Sarah Palin is “happy.”

And does anyone else see the contradiction in the idea of a feminist hating a woman for running for a powerful position in government? Shouldn’t she be thanking the liberal feminists who made it possible for her to be in this situation at all, rather than threatening to take away the legal rights they’ve fought for for decades to put in place to protect themselves, their bodies, and their choices?

Obama is trying to destroy the very fabric of America, from what I understand. And Acorn is committing widespread voter fraud (by employing people who are getting paid per name they sign up to register, including Mickey Mouse and the entire Dallas Cowboys, none of which can be registered to vote). Yet another group called YPM was actually registering Republican voters, and registering people who aren’t necessarily Republicans, and getting paid to get those names registered.

Real Americans (albeit Democrats) who thought they were registered in 2004 had their applications physically torn up by someone who was paid $175,000. That would be Nathan Sproul, head of the Arizona Republican Party. Someone with whom McCain must be familiar. Is that why he’s so irate about the Acorn thing? Because you hate those things in others that bother you about yourself?

What bothers me the most is the insidious, racist, horrifying things people are saying and doing because they’re hateful, ignorant human beings. Don’t even get me started on the anthropological issue of “race” and how it doesn’t even exist. Although, dipshits who don’t believe in evolution wouldn’t care to admit that we’re all descended from the same African ancestor. Which is not to say that racism doesn’t exist. ‘Cause it sure as hell does.


2 thoughts on “George Bush in Lip Gloss and High Heels

  1. I can tell you’re angry just from the sheer amount of typos and grammatical errors. Don’t worry, she’ll be a random trivia answer soon enough.

    This will cheer you up:

  2. Here’s a thing I’ve been avoiding saying, because it makes it sound like the republicans are right about people like me. Palin isn’t THAT freaking attractive.

    Not that it matters one whit, of course, which is why I shouldn’t comment. But giant redneck bangs and 80’s pumps just don’t really turn my crank, I’m so very sorry to dissapoint the Palin-droolers.

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