The Cat’s Out of the Bag

I just found out the family grapevine is bursting with my news. I was really, really looking forward to telling my Aunt Vicki myself at Thanksgiving, and figured by then, even if it wasn’t completely obvious, I would still have the pleasure of surprising everyone.

Not the case.

My cousin, who also happens to be a friend on MySpace, saw a status update I posted saying “Courtney is knocked up.” When I posted it, the last thing I thought of was the fact that my cousin was on MySpace. We don’t communicate through there, and the last time I heard anything from her was last Christmas Eve. I even consciously thought when I made the update “Now, no one on here knows my family, do they? Nah.”

I realize it’s my own stupid fault, but my family surprise announcement has been completely ruined. Apparently, my cousin called her mom, who called my aunt Vicki, and someone else probably told my grandmother, which means my uncles probably know . . . The only people who don’t know right now are most likely my younger make cousins. And they don’t give a shit if their aging hipster 30-something cousin Courtney is pregnant.

I shot off an angry email that I’ll probably regret tomorrow, but I pointed out that she really should have contacted me FIRST, before going to everyone else in the family. I mean, shit, she was logged on to MySpace to see the update, how hard would it have been for her to click on my profile and send a message really quick saying “What?? Have you told Grandma? Do your parents know?”

It just would have been the right thing to do to write or call me beforehand and make sure that it wasn’t just me blowing off steam online, to a group of people I don’t necessarily know that well. (No offense to those of you that do — you at least come here or got a message from me at some point).


2 thoughts on “The Cat’s Out of the Bag

  1. That just totally sucks. And if you want, I will post an ugly comment on your myspace…

    “Hey C! Just checking in on you to see how you’re feeling. I can’t wait until you tell us how excited your mom and aunt is about the baby! Have you planned something special to tell them?”

    ..or something tacky like that.

  2. It bites when you can’t make the announcement the way you want to. It took us so long that I eventually gave up on all the fun cutesy plans I had. By the time I was finally pregnant I was telling everyone– “I’m pregnant, but don’t get too excited. It might not last.”– so I sucked a bunch of the joy out of it all by myself.

    At least you still get to plan the way you want to reveal the sex (assuming you’re planning to find out in advance). I had a lot of fun doing that with my mom. Knowing Simone’s going to be a girl and having a name to call her by seems to have made it possible for my mother to bond with her pre-birth in a way she can’t with my sister’s baby, even though Laura’s is due 3 1/2 weeks before.

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