Act Locally

I read on Wandering Bella’s blog about two Great Pyrs who are in desperate need of medical attention. She said if you can give anything, not splurging on a latte this week, or dinner out, just donate that. One way to make a difference is to act locally, and in a time when we’re all focused on the economy and the nation, the election and Sarah Palin’s ridiculous interviews, there are a lot smaller things going on that can make a world of difference.

If you wander over to her blog and click through to the Indianapolis rescue site, prepare yourself for some horrifying photos. I tried, but I ended up bawling my eyes out as I was trying to send money.

I gave $50 because that’s what I afford to give. I’ll cut back on groceries, gas, cigarettes, whatever, this week. If I can, I’ll give more with my next paycheck because these animals aren’t going to need just a couple thousand dollars for their care.


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