Oh, No! Nature!

Last night I was enthralled by this praying mantis with a camouflauged, stick-like body that was clearly watching me, too. Whenever I walked around, the head tilted and I could see its eyes focus in on me.

Tonight I stepped outside and saw the same mantis caught in the web of a tiny spider on the front window. The mantis must be ten times the size of the spider. Still, her sticky web caught the poor little dude and his long legs were kicking to get free.

I couldn’t help myself from trying to pry him out of there. That’s just gluttony on the spider’s part, I said to myself. She doesn’t need something that big. I spent a good 30 minutes with a flashlight trained on him, trying to very carefully perform elective surgery on a bug.

Now the spider doesn’t have any dinner and I can’t get the mantis freed from all the web. What if she poisoned him and he’s going to die anyway? I got most of it off, but there’s still a ton stuck to the front part of his raptorial legs and he looks really uncomfortable.

I felt like he was being kind of a jerk, sticking his funny back body segment at me, when here I was just trying to save his life. Then I found out his closest relative is the cockroach, the feces of which I am highly allergic to.

I finally gave up, leaving him back to nature, although I didn’t go so far as to kill the spider or put the mantis back in her web. I probably just made it all worse.

And don’t worry. Writing about stuff like this doesn’t mean I’m not fully aware of the Palin/McCain horror, or the current crumbling of our economy. I just spend more time thinking about it every day that I’d like to.


3 thoughts on “Oh, No! Nature!

  1. This might be my favorite thing that you’ve posted in a long time. Great writing! Great story!

    And don’t worry about not talking about McCain/economy/etc. We can’t all obsess on that stuff 24/7, and those who do wouldn’t notice a lot cool things that were right in front of them.

    • That’s a funny story- i mean sad but funny. my sister is obsessed with bugs, i’m going to have to show her this. My friend breeds preying mantises- they are really really smart! I’m sure you helped it oput more than you think you did.

  2. I don’t think you are crazy; I would have done the exact same thing. It may have just not been sure if it was “out of the frying pan” for him, or if you were helping. lol

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