Dear Penthouse Forum

This morning I was opening up shop and had just taken out the tables and chairs, so the front door was unlocked. I had about ten more minutes of peace before I had to turn all the lights on and was fiddling around with the mini-fridge under the espresso bar when I heard someone say my name. I stood up and shrieked. Right in front of me was my fireman, “Aaron,” grinning in the dark. “I didn’t want to scare you, but I just saw you walk in,” he said. “I know you’re not open yet, but I’m running late for work. Is there anyway I can get you to make me a drink?”

I was still clutching my weak heart, but told him it wasn’t a problem as long as he wanted a bar drink because I hadn’t started brewing coffee yet. I hesitated a moment before going to turn the lights on because all that was running through my mind was “Oh, my god, are we gonna do it?” In my little fantasy world, it was a total porno moment. You know, the hot fireman walks in to the coffeeshop and seduces the saucy barista before the store opens.

Unfortunately, a couple of other regulars walked up, all excited that I was open early and I had to make small talk with everyone. The moment was lost.


2 thoughts on “Dear Penthouse Forum

  1. Hot or not, I would have still freaked out. I’ve seen far too many horror movie not to freak out when someone calls my name in the pseudo dark…especially when I think I’m alone.

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