Catching Up

I spent the better part of my day yesterday catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in several years when I really should have been catching up on my homework, having finally purchased all my textbooks for this semester. Greg had all the dish on the friends, friends-of-friends, and acquaintances from high school and afterward — most of whom I also haven’t seen in at least three or four years.

Unfortunately, “dish” is rarely positive. The guy who everyone called my “soul mate” for a long time (as in, he was a male version and I was a female version of the exact same person, which, of course, is completely untrue — we’re not very much alike at all) is currently stuck in a bitter and unhappy marriage for the sake of a child. That’s something I’ll never really understand. Although my parents’ relationship was never poor, and I don’t recall them ever fighting in front of us, I can sympathize with children who get trapped in nasty divorces and horrible relationships. I often think it would be better for people to split up than to force a kid to stay in a negative environment.

Most of my long-lost friends have gotten married, although I was the first in the group, and a few of them seem, according to Greg, to be happy and healthy. A few have made some rather poor decisions, and more than one is already divorced and remarried. The funny thing is that, those of us living in Indianapolis are all on practically the same street, spread out through the city. Take, for example, 86th Street — I say “for example,” because none of us live anywhere near there, but it jogs here and there on an east-west path. It runs all the way outside I-465 on both sides of town, through the city.
Greg, one old acquaintance, and our unhappily-married friend are both on the far west side of town, right around the same numbered street where Charlie and I live, which is smack-dab in the center of the city. Two of our other pals are on the far east side. Getting from one place to another isn’t exactly simple, but I find it funny that we all ended up as dots along the same route through Indianapolis.

Today is hot and muggy, and felt disgusting as I was walking the dogs around 8am. Our stroll was slow and deliberate, but I was still sweating when we walked back in the house. To top it off, I have a summer cold and a ton of homework. My one main assignment is due Wednesday, though, so right now it’s just reading chapter after chapter from my four classes. One instructor apparently gave us an assingment prior to the first day, so I felt irritated when she asked to raise our hands if we’d read everything.

Last night my glands felt swollen and I went to bed early, sleeping for about 9 hours straight. I still feel worn out and achey.


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