Last Minute Cramming

The last couple of weeks of summer are upon me. Two weeks from today classes start and, while I’m lucky I managed to find courses I have to take on just two days of the week (plus one online), I’m still nervous about how I’ll juggle those four classes on top of my 35+ hours per week at work. If I’m really good, I’ll have even less of a social life than I already do, spending all my free time studying (don’t forget to listen to the online lectures!) and trying to do as much school work at the coffeeshop while I’m there and no one’s looking.

For the time being, I’ve been trying to cram in as much thoughtless entertainment as I can. Magazines, novels, TV shows, movies, video games.

I don’t know yet what my spring semester will be like, but I know Sarah is due in February, and she’ll be taking at least 6 weeks – more, if possible – to be with the baby after she has it. I say “it” because she doesn’t know the gender, I don’t think she wants to know, and I don’t want to assign a gender.

With her being gone at the beginning of the spring semester, I can only hope that, between Matt and Audrey, the management-type duties will be taken care of and I won’t find myself filling in, making orders, doing paperwork, making schedules. I tend to fall in to responsibilities when I don’t really want them because, people say, I’m “just so organized.” But that has way more to do with my anxiety and worry over things being done than any sort of personal preference to do it. If you want something done correctly . . . right?

This fall, I won’t be taking any English courses, which wasn’t intentional. I’m sure several classes will require tons of writing and research, but I’m hoping this will be a break from all those papers every week. I know what you might be thinking: “Courtney, if you’re tired of writing so much, why would you be an English major? Least of all with a concentration in writing and literacy?” Because, on top of my major requirements, I’ve also managed to take a lot of general education courses where the instructors make us write a lot of papers.

With the way my academic planner is turning out, I’ll have four more credits than I need to graduate by the end of the fall term next year, but I’m still missing my math requirement. I’m sorry – “logic.” I’ve spent way too much time and money trying to fulfill that and I’m still not even close. Right now I’m seriously considering taking the IQ and standardized math test they have at the counseling center to see what kind of help I can actually get. If I can’t avoid it at all, then my graduation may be pushed out yet another semester. Ugh.

The magnolias in our neighbors’ yard are blooming again. I don’t know how. I thought they bloomed once in the spring, fell off, and didn’t come back for a year. But I can see some definite flowers peppered throughout the leaves. It makes me feel better. At least, for a few minutes, I can focus on those bits of nature and forget about all the pressure I put on myself.


2 thoughts on “Last Minute Cramming

  1. If I can do it, I know you can do it. Remember my schedule? But, I have no IRL friends to hang with, so that may be part of it also.

    I have ALL the faith in you. But, I totally understand the “cramming the entertainment in.”

  2. Take it easy. School’s a snap. I did half of the studying you do and I did fine.

    And I’m buying you guys lunch tomorrow, too, so you got that going for you.

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