Inconsiderate Assholes

The complete lack of consideration (or consideration and subsequent disposal of) other people’s situations and feelings is sometimes incomprehensible to me.

Just for kicks, take today as an example. I get to work about quarter after five in the morning. I forewent washing my hair last night because I knew I’d be leaving by 1pm and would come home, relax, take a nice cool shower, and start some laundry. About ten after one I started to get a little nervous. It had been a long day and I was definitely ready to leave. I’d already sent home two people at noon and the closer had come in. Our beloved Mark, who put in his two week notice and whose last day was to be this coming Wednesday, was supposed to relieve me.

I know this not only because he’s on the schedule but also because he said, directly to my face when I saw him last night, that he was coming in at one. I said, Good, because I owe your sister for that painting she has up and I’ll give you the cash to give to her. He said okay.

At half after one I started to get pissed.

About quarter till two I was livid.

Maureen – 8 months pregnant and working full time with us and part time at a health food store; the same person who had to come knocking at my door at 7am two Sundays ago because Mark never showed up – called and left him a voice mail (of course he didn’t answer his phone!), telling him it would be nice if he appeared so I could go home.

At 2:30 I called the only person available, our trainer Katie. Why Katie? Because Matt is in Florida until Monday, Sarah is in a wedding today, Mark hasn’t shown up, I’ve been there since 5, and our only other shift supervisor worked until noon today. That’s why I called Katie.

Katie is in another town, visiting with her younger brother and her family. Her brother lives in a group home and has Cerebral Palsy. She’s about an hour and a half away.

Our last option is the owner. She comes in about quarter till four to help close and so I can leave, but not before Maureen confides in me that Mark’s just not showing up. How do you know? I ask her. She says that, in not the same language, Mark basically told her last night that he wasn’t coming back. He was aware of the situation — how many people are out of the state or out of town — and how many people he’d be screwing over if he didn’t show up. I guess he just didn’t care.

Part of me wanted to cry when Maureen said I had too big a heart for her to let me believe he might be coming; that she felt she was lying if she didn’t tell the truth. Part of me is really pissed at this guy. I know he’s going through some stuff right now – a friend overdosed and his family was excluded from the funeral because they blame Mark’s sister for getting the guy involved in drugs in the first place.

And not that I’m trying to be the martyr here, by any means, but if I had a dollar for every person I knew who’d overdosed or committed suicide in the past few years — hell! The past few months — I’d go out and buy myself a big ass latte at Starbucks with a few extra shots. None of them were as close to me as Mark’s friend apparently was, and a few of them weren’t a huge shock, but there have been a handful of deaths in the recent past that have been unwarranted and difficult.

Whether or not I know what he’s going through and can totally empathize, the fact of the matter is that he made a promise to his friend, our manager, Sarah, who hired him, to finish out his last few shifts and do all of us a favor. I know it’s tough and I know he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing with his life, but that doesn’t honor his friendship with the young man who passed away last week, to screw over the people who called themselves his friends from work. Nor does that have anything to do with the fact that he never showed up a couple of Sundays ago and told me he was “over it” and “like, eff that place.”

So, Mark. I’m sorry you’re having a shitty time, and I don’t know if I want to buy your sister’s painting anymore. You can let her know I said that. Hopefully she’ll be pissed at you for losing a sale. But I’ll probably buy it anyway because I made a promise and I’m not an asshole. Thanks.


One thought on “Inconsiderate Assholes

  1. I know you’ll buy it because you always keep your word, and no, you’re not an asshole.

    It’s a shame that ONCE AGAIN someone left pissy (for no apparent reason) and screwed over the handful of people that liked him.

    Way to go Mark. I hope you read what Courtney wrote.

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