The Darkest Knight

The new Batman was, of course, incredible. The more I think about it, the less I remember, which means I have to see it again. And again. I need to see it at least once more in a regular movie theater, then, once the excitement dies down a bit, see it in an IMAX theater. The only one showing it in town is sold out for the next few days.

I was excited to see a trailer for the next Terminator movie, which stars Christian Bale as John Connor. There was also a preview for The Day the Earth Stood Still, a trailer I watched online a week ago. I just don’t know how I feel about it yet. I’m partial to the original. There were also previews for Watchmen, which looks stunning, and the next Bond film, which looks kind of dark.

Our experience yesterday could have been worse. The room wasn’t too packed, but there was a gaggle of teenage girls who laughed, gasped, and shrieked for all the wrong reasons. When they were laughing, I was feeling the hair on my body stand up straight as I watched Heath Ledger’s eerie performance. Perhaps I was being too serious about it, but I didn’t think some of the things The Joker said were hilarious so much as horrifying. Were he still alive, I don’t know if I would have found it quite so creepy. I wasn’t a huge fan of his other stuff, but this is definitely his best work. And whatever it takes to get Christian Bale to come to my house in the batsuit, swoop down from the roof, and swing me to safety – I’ll do it.

Now that I know what happens, I want to watch it more closely, and with less people around. Well, less screaming teenagers, that is. If you’re interested, we might hit Glendale tomorrow evening or Monday.

I’m waiting to hear if they want to make a third.


2 thoughts on “The Darkest Knight

  1. We were going to see it on Sunday but it got put off by others “until the crowds die down.” Sigh. I wonder why I dislike doing things with a group of people.

  2. I want to see it again in the theaters too. I haven’t wanted to see a movie twice since . . . probably 1983?

    Among the numerous things that people do in movie theaters that annoy me, the latest is that during the last two movies I’ve seen, there’s been some dingbat that feels the need to read instant messages on her cell phone during the movie. Those little screens are bright in a dark theater!

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