Dear Government;

Since you have taken it upon yourselves to so royally screw up the economy, I was wondering if George W. Bush would be willing to loan me the money Sallie Mae has given me the past three years but is now unable to. Let me know soon. Tuition is due.




2 thoughts on “Dear Government;

  1. Putting a positive light on this… all those dollars you’ve borrowed so far, when you can’t pay them back later and Sallie calls you every day at all hours & threatens to destroy your credit rating, you can just remember to tell them to call the Fed & Treasury to bail you out. Remember it must be on a Friday, as that is when the Federal Gov’t allows for public tax dollars (our money) to pay for private corporations’ failures of conducting sound business practices. Don’t let them give you any crap about why you bought that giant flat screen TV instead of making your loan payment and hence can’t pay them, when their parents Fannie & Freddie can’t be bothered to verify whether a borrower really has a $5000 per month side job to “afford” that $500,000 mortgage.

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