I Know, I Know

Where have I been? Post truncated to accommodate exhaustion and lack of cognition.

Full time at work, visiting with Cavan, playing Wii.

Hellyboy 2 this weekend, The Dark Knight next Friday. Tickets ordered in advance.

Last appointment with therapist today, met new counselor. We both cried. It was sad. The new counselor specializes in phobias. Woopie!

Made an appointment for Liz to get her tattoo touched up and some cherry blossoms of her own drawn up.

Audrey and Cavan and Molly love triangle. Cavan likes Audrey. Audrey doesn’t like Cavan. Molly likes Cavan. Cavan doesn’t like Molly. Am I in middle school again?

Student loan funds cut. Disbursement some time in August, but not nearly as much as I’d expected. Ouch.

Health insurance at work should kick in August 1st. Free teeth cleanings!

Embroidering my little heart out.

Time to do it all over again tomorrow.


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