The Next Step in Unemployability

Is that a word?

Well, I had some misgivings about getting this tattoo. That is, I was worried about how it might appear to other people, but I really wanted it. It actually sits up higher than the one on the right arm, so it’ll be easier to cover up. If it comes to that. Yesterday we just did the outline and, as suspected, Megan was awesome. She’s quiet, but smart and funny, and has a really good eye for placement and proportion. I thought the way she ended up putting on the octopus was perfect. I don’t have a great forward-looking shot yet (both digital cameras’ batteries are dead right now), so this is just a shot from the Mac’s PhotoBooth. For some reason, it photographs everything backwards, so the cherry blossom tattoo appears to be on my left arm, and the octopus on the right. I don’t get that. And, no, I didn’t realize my face was pointing up quite that high.

We also broke down and got a Wii. At a game story yesterday to pick up a second controller, a woman with her 12-year-old son was ogling my new tattoo. She pointed at it and told her son to look at it, then asked me why I got it. I said so my body could be easily identified, which the guy working behind the counter thought was hilarious. I told her I’d just gotten it done a few hours earlier, but that didn’t deter her from walking right up to me and sticking her finger on it. I was kind of shocked that she did that. Here, come right over and touch my open wound.

We do love our toys, and the Wii is too much fun. You should come over and try it. Charlie and I determined we would either be the coolest or the brokest parents in the world.


One thought on “The Next Step in Unemployability

  1. C-

    That is really, REALLY nice. I mean, it is so cool that I want *that* one.


    Oh, and I would love to come and play the Wii with you. I am wanting one…

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