Guess What? Chicken Butt.

I’ve been up to lots these past few days. Monday I got called in to cover a shift first thing, then we went grocery shopping for a cookout we were having for all the people who wanted to see Cavan since he came back to the States. Not everyone who wanted to be here could make it, some people that I invited he didn’t know very well (and I just wanted to get them out of their homes), and a few straggled in late. But it was a good time, if not mosquito-infested.

One of the more amusing aspects was right before people really started to show up. Charlie, Liz, Audrey, and I were in the living room and I noticed the hose hadn’t been attached all the way to the vacuum, so most of the dog hair was just pushed around on the living room rug. I pointed it out to Charlie, who had been sweeping, and he got sort of mad about it. I started to pull out the vacuum again, and said screw it. No one will notice. A big step for me.
Charlie, however, got the sweeper out of the closet and went right back to work. My therapist found this highly amusing when I told her about it the next morning.

Tuesday I had my regular batch of psychiatrist and therapy appointments, then had to close at work. I overheard a very quiet young woman who comes in once in a while arguing with someone else over her cell phone. Most of the time I have to ask her to speak up or repeat herself because she mumbles and has a really soft voice. Yesterday, though, she was literally shouting in to her phone. At one point I heard her say “I am not a slave to be traded into a marriage with a man who doesn’t have a job or own a car!” Molly and I looked at one another with baffled expressions and continued to clean as the young woman went on and on about suing someone for harassment and stalking.

In other news, the new market is open and we went to check it out today. It was a madhouse, as expected. It’s not an especially large space, so every woman lugging around her three kids and a cart presented an obstacle, especially considering they all wanted free samples. I got a little anxious in the crowd, but mostly because it was really frustrating to be at a standstill in a place where we all should have been moving along. The prices were a little high; I won’t be doing my primary shopping there, but it will be nice to have a “fresh market” right down the street. The grocery closest to us is kind of ghetto, for being in this neighborhood, because the food is — more often than not — rotten or expired.

Before hitting the market, we drove out to meet Jennifer, her boyfriend, and Julie (my former housemate/client) and have lunch. There was lots of talk of Julie’s guardian and What She’s Doing This Time, which is more of the same asinine, ridiculous, probably illegal, crap. I despise that woman so much that it makes me physically ill to think of coming in to contact with her again.


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