Catching Up

We went for Indian buffet today with Cavan; one of the things we always used to do before he left for Spain a little over 8 months ago. It was sort of like seeing Leticia again after so much time — except he had a lot more facial hair when he got back and she didn’t. It was like I hadn’t seen him in years and as if he’d never been gone. The strangest part was when he left the house. I found myself wondering when he’d be back before realizing he wasn’t living with us anymore. I’m so used to him being a staple in the house and my life that once he’s gone everything feels weird.

Audrey is starting her actual apprenticeship at the tattoo shop and has to start practicing on people. There are about a dozen people who want to go in and have her give [us] tattoos. I wanted to do it on Tuesday before I realized I have fifty different things going on that day. I also have to open the next morning.

I thought my raise wasn’t going to be effective until the first of July, but I guess they gave it to me retroactively from the first of June, so it was on this check. Only problem is, no one signed it so I couldn’t deposit it. Now I have to track down the owner and ask her to sign my paycheck. That’s not going to be awkward. Well, it shouldn’t be, but it probably will.

I looked up more information about the skydiving thing, thinking I would reserve space for five or so people, when I realized there’s a weight limit. It makes perfect sense. Only problem is, Charlie has to lose at least 8 pounds before he can go. A year ago he’d have been almost 30 pounds over their limit.


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