And Now for Something Completely Vain . . .

UPDATE: Okay. Here’s a photo. It’s taken with my Mac’s PhotoBooth program, so it’s not the highest quality.

I got my first “real” haircut on Thursday. I’ve been basking in the glow of all my regulars’ and coworkers’ compliments for two days. It’s awesome. Sorry. Sometimes you gotta stop beating yourself up and feel good for a minute.

Audrey tattled on me, which is how it all got started. I’d gone to Great Clips to get some of the dead ends cut off, knowing I wanted to use my free cut with one of our regulars from the hoity-toit salon across the street. But I wanted to wait until a.) I knew what I wanted, b.) it got hot enough that I was ready to shave it all off, or c.) I didn’t walk in with a head full of dead, nappy, fried hair. I’ve had my hair cut twice in the past two years. It grew a lot, but much of it was left over from when I used to keep it super short and super blonde.

Unfortunately, the girl who cut my hair at Great Clips a couple of weeks ago didn’t seem aware of exactly how curly, coarse, and frizzy my hair really is. She didn’t wash it or really get it wet; just spritzed some water on it and started cutting. She also gave me “layers,” which isn’t something I need. That added even more volume. Not to mention the big chunk of jagged, uneven weirdness in the front of my face. Ugh.

So the guy from across the street came in one morning and asked if I’d done something different. I said yes, that I had dyed it, and that Audrey had shown me how to use my flat iron. I didn’t lie — I just omitted one tiny detail. And by tiny, I mean huge.

I guess that topic came up across the street a few days later and Audrey tattled, telling him how bad my haircut had been and how embarrassed I was about it. He told her to tell me not to be worried and to just come in and he’d fix it, no charge.

So I made an appointment at a salon where cuts start at $65 and color starts at $85 for a single process. You can also get “eyelash extensions” for under three hundred dollars, and a blow dry for a mere $45. Awesome.

Of course, I can’t complain. It’s one of the best places in the city to get your hair done, and I have to say it’s the absolute best cut I’ve ever had. The guy was a master with the flat iron. I haven’t washed it yet, so we’ll see if I’m able to get it the same way he did. Once it grows out a bit, he said, we’ll take it up higher in the back and give it a more severe angle. I realize some people might think of it as a “Posh Spice” ‘do, but it’s, in my mind, more of a Nancy Kwan.

Okay. Sorry. Back to our regularly scheduled complaints.


4 thoughts on “And Now for Something Completely Vain . . .

  1. Until you post a photo, I am afraid I’ll have to downgrade your “vain” to just “excited.”


    Just kidding. It’s all exciting and not vain at all. But seriously, give us a photo of YOU.


  2. It is gorgeous just as I suspected. Of course, anything on you would be fab.

    Thank-you for the glimpse.


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