Puppy v. Baby

I have yet to hear anything about the job application. It is the weekend, and a holiday, though. It’s been painfully slow at the store the past two days. The owner left an hour early yesterday, but Matt was fifteen minutes late. I can’t imagine how little he must care about his job when he can’t be bothered to show up on time just once. John was also late this morning. Luckily, I woke up early and I have a key, so I just went in and started opening. When he pulled in about 5 till, he was all freaked out. I should have called to tell him it was cool and not to freak, that I was there. I know he was beating himself up about it because this is the beginning of his last week.

Tomorrow will be the last day in my two week marathon at the store. The sucky thing is, despite all these extra shifts I’ve been working, I’m not getting all that many more hours. I had to leave early today because we had four people (one was training) and the owner came in. Since I was the first one to show up, I was the first to leave. I asked our trainer later on if it would be possible for me to get a raise at any point in the near future. Since our manager is on vacation the next week, she said to just ask when Sarah gets back. She also said to mention that I would be willing to talk to the owner about it, that way it wouldn’t be as easy for her to say no.

“Why the hell would she say no?” I asked. “I haven’t had a raise in almost two years.” Katie said she just wouldn’t be surprised. I decided if I get a no, I’ll put in my two weeks’ notice, whether or not I have another job lined up. Okay, probably not. I don’t have any savings and I’d like to get something close, so I at least have to find a job first.

Talk of possible offspring has gotten out of control lately. It seems like almost everyone I know is asking me when I’m going to have a kid. It’s not like I haven’t considered it. I don’t know if it’s physically possible. I keep going back and forth, thinking “There’s no way to really plan for something like that, so why not just try?” And then I wake up the next morning and wonder how the hell I could possibly offer anything to a tiny human being that would rely on me for years and years. Sometimes I think if it doesn’t happen in the next year, we’ll just get another puppy.

Something for the next therapy appointment, I suppose.

P.S. I got the worst haircut ever yesterday. I didn’t cry like girls do when they get all of it chopped off, but I thought that I might when I got home, washed it, and saw what a terrible job she did.


2 thoughts on “Puppy v. Baby

  1. Puppies and babies are surprisingly similar in the responsibility category. Actually, in almost all categories, except that you can’t crate babies and they look like either you or your hubby. For the first year or so that’s pretty much where the differences end.

  2. That question has been getting asked of me for what seems like years. Normally I don’t care if it is someone I know. When I get the your clock is ticking better get on it thing from people I don’t know – well that’s another story. And whether or not I even want human kids varies from day to day. I do know that if I do choose to go that route I would adopt rather than do it the bio way. Not to tempt you but we have some absolutely precious lab-pyr mix puppies in rescue right now. The combo of those 2 breeds is also a fab one. I’m just sayin’.

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