Did I Eat Wendy’s Twice Yesterday?

I just returned from having one of my permanent crowns removed — for the second time. This will be the third time I’ve had this one formed and placed. Lucky for me, I got a break on the second one, and since doctors M and S did that second one, this time there’s no charge. I did not relish laying in the chair for an hour, biting down, chomping, grinding, getting shots, getting drilled.

Speaking of relish, I’m also starving. I tried to eat a lot before I went in, but we don’t have much food in the house. Neither of us has been home a lot lately and we’ve both either been feeling crappy or really tired from all the hours we’ve each been working. We also nommed through our first order from Farm Fresh Delivery in record time. Everything was scrumptious. The pink lady apples, the strawberries, the potatoes, the baby yellow carrots, the sourdough bread. The only thing I could have done without were the mushrooms (Charlie’s request – I gagged just trying to cut them up) and the Valencia oranges, which were juicy but more tart than sweet.

Our next order will consist of a root of fresh ginger, some more carrots, romaine lettuce, garlic, bananas … I can’t even remember what else. We’re getting a different kind of bread and not getting any eggs or milk, which we have as a standing order each week. It just seems like too much for us to go through, so I might adjust it to come once every other week.

There was a newsletter with Thursday’s delivery that stated they were working on some fresh pastas, hummus, pestos, and a lot of other new things. I’m excited. I’ve heard several other people talking about their deliveries, so I’m glad to know that our stop isn’t out of the way. I’ve also managed to convince a few others to sign up.

Charlie called me while I was in the dentist’s office to tell me he was near my greatest and most humiliating weakness: Burger King. On the one hand, I was mad at him for putting that thought in my head. I’m lucky that there isn’t one anywhere near us that I would even consider stepping foot in, because it’s terrible, terrible food. On the other hand, it made me realize how hard he tries. Sometimes I get on his case about “not remembering” these ridiculous little things that I remember. As is the case with men and women, we both tend to think on different wavelengths. But it was very sweet of him to call and ask if I wanted to destroy all my hard work at the gym and with my local, organic diet by wolfing down a Whopper or chicken sandwich.

I’m not being sarcastic. It was sweet.

And that makes me think about my friend Annie and all the trouble she’s having in her relationship. She’s been butting heads with her husband since I’ve known them, and it appears this time it might really be over. It makes me feel guilty about my own relationship. That, despite our problems and being polar opposites, Charlie and I can still be friends and talk things over. Occasionally, there’s an argument, and he tends to raise his voice whereas I don’t take kindly to yelling. But overall I think we’re doing okay. I just listened today to what Annie was saying and offered the best advice I could: Make a choice and stick with it. You either accept the other person as he or she is and base your relationship on that reality. Or you call it quits and work on yourselves independently. Down the road, maybe they’ll come back together. But right now it may be time for them to go their own ways.


2 thoughts on “Did I Eat Wendy’s Twice Yesterday?

  1. I adore the pink lady apples. We get tons! We go with the every other week delivery because it’s just so darn much food.

  2. What the fkk is up with boys and mushrooms? I asked Dave what he wanted to substitute for the cauliflower, and he said, “mushrooms.” Ugh. So I got them, and THEN I freakin’ sauteed them so he could put them on something. This made me feel like I am a good person, for once. I’m glad you are enjoying the FFD, though! We’re every other week like BeetQueen, and I get kind of freaked out on the off weeks sometimes. So now I’m trying two weeks on, one week off. Oh, and can I just tell you that the jalepeno cheddar ROCKS?!

    Also, I identify with the Burger King thing. I have been known to write in my how-do-you-feel-today thing that I “feel like Burger King’s whore.”

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