Another One Bites the Dust

John was given the “option” this afternoon of quitting or being fired. I knew it was coming but I feel terrible. I wish he could just be nicer to people at work, but the ultimatum from the owner was clear. Regulars aren’t coming in to the store as long as he works there and our sales are down. Of course, he doesn’t quite see it the same way, but that’s his perception. Charlie tried talking John into selling his house that’s east of Indianapolis, taking the money and stashing it away so he can finish his degree and pay bills. But John thinks he’d rather just make it his permanent residence. Hole himself up out in the country. Alone. Forever.


Tomorrow’s the Art Fair. I don’t know yet who I’m working with, but if it is one of the owners, I’m hoping I do a good enough job to warrant asking for a raise.

Today we took the scooters down to campus to look for my Finite book. It only took 15 minutes. Granted, my summer class is at Ivy Tech, so it’s a lot closer than IUPUI. I’m not quite sure how (if) that will work this fall.

We’ve gotten a great response from people. Everywhere we go, someone is stopping to ask what sort of mileage we get, how fast they go, how much they cost. I’ve recommended they all go to the shop we got our scooters, but I’ve also told people about the ones on the east and west sides of town. There’s one on west 16th Street that sells Vespas! I wish I could have one of those, but I really don’t want to mess with the motorcycle license, insurance, plates, all that stuff.


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