One Down, Three to Go

my 2007 honda metropolitan scooterSo, yeah, I did walk in on someone getting fired Saturday night and it went pretty well, considering she wasn’t expecting it. I suppose. Despite her “difficulties,” she was still the one person we had willing to open just about any day of the week, especially Sundays. Nothing has happened with the other person, as far as I know.

The past couple of days have been odd. I’ve had a lot of IBS problems (gross, I know) despite my diet not really changing, and have been anxious about my meeting this morning with the psychiatrists for the study. I received the study drug (or placebo) this morning and am supposed to take it before I go to bed tonight. One of the things that surprised me was that I’m going to be taking 50mg, not 10 as I’d originally thought, and I’m supposed to increase it to 100mg after four days.

After that appointment I went straight to therapy, but was a few minutes late. My therapist told me she’s leaving in seven weeks because her practicum will be over. This has depressed me a little bit. I really like her and I have never really liked any counselor I’ve seen. I don’t want to start seeing someone else after spending all this time with one person. We worked out an “action plan” for the next few weeks and I decided I would focus on the specific phobias with the shrink they have there, since he (or she) specializes in them.

When I got home I took my new ride (more on that later) into Broad Ripple to surprise Charlie, who was stuck at work all day. Apparently he got finished early with one thing and had gone home for a little bit. I just missed him and he’d already eaten lunch, so I stopped at Subway for The Worst Sandwich I Have Ever Had. It was disgusting. Then, when he left for work again, around 2:30, I passed out on the couch. I don’t know what the hell happened. One minute I was watching a repeat of Law & Order, the next minute it was after 4pm. I think it was all the talk for two hours this morning about the new drug’s side effects — mostly drowsiness.

Charlie and I went to the Harley Davidson shop on East 96th Street to take a look at scooters yesterday. We wanted to see what sort of miles per gallon they actually got, what they would cost after taxes and whatnot, and how they rode. I don’t think you’re really allowed to “test drive” them, but we had a good time talking with the guys who worked there, most of whom live in Broad Ripple and work part time at other bars and nightclubs, so they traded war stories. It was a lot more relaxed than your usual car dealership experience, and if you are looking for a scooter, I recommend going there. One guy took a photo of my “half-sleeve” (I don’t know if you can really call it that) to show his wife because she wants something similar, and we all admired one another’s art work.

We asked about options for payment and discovered Honda has its own financing, for which we were approved in about an hour. I have no idea what takes so long with this shit, but at least it was about a fourth of the time we spent at the Toyota dealership a couple of weeks ago. And we have that down to a science. They’re having a $0 down special and we didn’t pay anything. We walked out (not literally) with a new Honda Ruckus for Charlie and a Metropolitan for me. The payments are three years and about $100 a month. I plan on paying mine off when I get my next student loan check, that way I won’t have any extra payments. I need more hours at the coffeeshop, though, which doesn’t appear to be a problem since we’re hurting for people right now. So if you know anyone . . .

Overall, we now own three different forms of transportation per person. We each have an automobile, a scooter, and a bicycle. I wish we could get rid of one of the vehicles, but Charlie absolutely won’t have it. He looooooooves his truck. And he has a reason why we need to keep each vehicle. The truck is for hauling, the Yaris is for extended mileage trips, the scooters are for short trips around town, yadda, yadda.

I think it’s a bit excessive. I’d like to have one car, two scooters, and be done with it. I know I need to get a heavy-duty lock and chain, but once I have a way to secure it, I imagine I’ll be using it for everything, including going to campus over the summer. I highly recommend getting one. It has a one-gallon tank, but gets over 100mpg, depending upon your size and how you drive it. We got a three-year extended warranty on each of them, which includes the Honda dealership replacing our tires for just about any reason. I think I may have already convinced Audrey to get one and she’s coming over after work to drive mine.


5 thoughts on “One Down, Three to Go

  1. You guys should start a scooter gang with Daniel and Gerrod. Riding around town, not paying for soda pop, singing Doo-Wop for the old folks. Awesome. I’m jealous.

  2. It is pretty adorable! I’d never be able to take it to work and I’m guessing there are no car seats for it!

  3. It’s darling! My first thought is a quote from The Breakfast Club: “Could you DESCRIBE the ruckus?” even though the link is plenty descriptive.

  4. FYI to all inquiring: Charlie claims he’s gotten his Ruckus up to 42mph, and said it seemed he could have gone faster. The Honda Metropolitan has a limit of 45mph on the speedometer, but I’ve only gotten it a little above 35.

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